FEB 08, 2016

So you have a leak in your garbage disposal and aren’t quite sure where it is coming from. This is actually pretty common, and something you might be able to handle without having to call in a professional. Below, you’ll find a few steps to help you determine where the leak is coming from.

Once you’ve pinpointed the leak, it will be easier for you to tell if you can handle the problem, or if it is time to call in a professional.

Finding the Leak

If you see water dripping from the bottom of the disposal, that doesn’t necessarily mean the garbage disposal is the source of the leak.

The first thing you should do is locate the plug for the garbage disposal and make sure it is unplugged. Once that’s done, place a large pan or bucket under the disposal catch the leaking water.

With the pan in place, you can now plug up the sink and fill it about halfway with water. If you notice water leaking even when the sink is plugged, the source of the leak could very well be the seal where the garbage disposal meets the sink.

However, if you find it is still dry while the sink is plugged, your leak is probably coming from somewhere else.

Unplug the Sink and Look for Leaks

After pulling the plug, get under the sink and look for the source of the leak. This will be the highest point where you can see water coming out. Check the most likely places for leaks first.

  • Connection where garbage disposal meets sink
  • Connection between garbage disposal and drain pipe
  • Connection between dishwasher drain hose and disposal
  • Bottom of Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal is relatively new and the leak is coming from one of the connections, you should be able to tighten up the connections, or call in a professional to seal the leaks and replace any worn out gaskets.

However, if you find the leak is coming from the bottom of the garbage disposal, you most likely need an entirely new disposal.

Let Donley Service Center Help

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