OCT 08, 2014

A properly working air conditioning unit is extremely important to home and business owners nationwide. Everyone likes to feel comfortable in their environment, and air conditioning plays a vital part in determining that level of comfort. Phoenix residents are especially aware of the importance of having an air conditioning unit properly installed and maintained in order to remain cool during record-breaking heat spells. While no one plans on having their air conditioning unit malfunction on any given day, there are Phoenix air conditioning service plans that can help prevent major problems or repairs. Here are some of the typical AC services Phoenix companies offer.


An experienced cooling and heating service company will provide you with a comfort consultation. This consultation helps determine what size of unit to install in your home or business. An air conditioning unit that is too big will waste energy, while a unit that is too little will be inadequate at providing the level of comfort you need. During the consultation, most companies will inspect existing ductwork and registers to gain an understanding of your heating and cooling design.


Once a consultation has been performed and an agreed-upon unit has been chosen, installation is scheduled. Ensure that your unit is being installed by a certified technician. There are companies in Phoenix that have been performing heating and cooling services for 30 or more years, and their knowledge and expertise are invaluable.


Once you have your air conditioning unit installed, it is essential to set up a regular Scottsdale air conditioning service maintenance plan. Just as having regular maintenance performed on your car saves you from costly repairs, regular air conditioning maintenance prevents major issues from developing with your unit. By having a skilled technician inspect, clean, and adjust your AC unit, you ensure your system continues to run smoothly and prevent expensive repairs.

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