NOV 13, 2014

Having hard water in your home can take a toll on you and the fixtures in your house. Many households deal with the effects of hard water without realizing that there is something they can do to remedy the problem. Water softener systems get rid of the hard minerals that can wreak havoc on your home and your body, leaving you with clear, good-feeling water that is less harsh on your entire family.


Cleaning your home with hard water can be a frustrating task. The minerals present in the untreated water can leave spots on your dishes and silverware, furniture, fixtures, and anywhere else it dries. There is much less soap residue and scum buildup when you clean with soft water. Additionally, your clothing is cleaner and softer when your laundry is completed with softened water.


Many of the appliances in your home need water to run properly. Hard water can reduce the efficiency of those appliances, thanks to hard water deposits and buildup. Over time, the big-ticket items in your home may break down and need to be replaced sooner than they would if they were using soft water to run.


Possibly one of the greatest benefits that families with water softener systems enjoy is softer skin and hair. Getting a rich lather from soaps and shampoos is much easier when the water is soft, leaving you and your family with a cleaner feeling when emerging from the shower. Some people have very sensitive skin, and hard water can cause issues such as exema to flare up, since it often dries out the skin. Switching to soft water can often help with skin irritations, since the hard minerals that create the problems are eliminated.

Installing a water softener in the home is a great investment for those wanting to preserve the quality of their plumbing system, increase the comfort of those living in the home, and reduce the cost of running big appliances. Call (602) 870-6840 today to speak with an expert at Donley Service Center about water softener systems.