Seasonal heating maintenance is essential in ensuring your home keeps you warm when it’s cold out and cool when it’s burning out. Consider the type of maintenance you do around the house or that you see happening in the office space — maintenance makes sure that everything works efficiently and effectively and aids in the longevity of your property. This idea drives home the importance of heating maintenance. Here are the reasons why heating system maintenance is important, and if you are looking, how to choose a heating system for your home.

Heating System Maintenance

In Arizona, we’re not prone to using our heating seasons for most of the year. In that time, the functionality of our heating system may deteriorate due to lack of use. It’s the same concept as any other electronic product. After prolonged inactivity, all sorts of items (such as your HVAC system) may experience additional deterioration when being turned on again.

Why Does It Matter?

Efficiency Issues

After prolonged inactivity, your home heating system may not be effectively exerting heated air effectively and as such, will not be energy efficient. What this means is that you have to pay more even though your home heating system will not be properly cooling or heating as it should.

Save On Repairs And Replacements

An HVAC system is expensive. Repairs themselves can be a bit scary pending the severity of the issue. But when it comes to total replacement, you’re looking at anywhere between $2,000 – $3,000. And that’s just for the system alone. Considering a total replacement, installation, equipment, etc., your bill can be astronomical. Regular heating system maintenance can add up to 10-15 years to your HVAC system’s life.

Air Quality Maintenance

Within a routine HVAC maintenance, your HVAC specialist should look into not only the system but also the filters to ensure that your system has the proper support to clean your air. Of course, this is something you can do yourself; however, this is one of the added bonuses of seasonal heating system maintenance. After all, it never hurts to have specialized support with filter checks. Our team of HVAC professionals can even assist in advising you on the type of filters you should replace your current ones with.

Comfort And Safety

Especially now that we’re hitting the cooler season, you need to make sure your home heating system functions properly as to minimize potential harm. HVAC systems may create carbon monoxide if fuel-burning is a component of your home heating system. Proper seasonal home heater maintenance helps ensure that there are no faults in your system and your HVAC system properly dispels carbon monoxide rather than releasing it into your home. Maintenance keeps you and your family safe while enjoying the proper distribution of heated or cool air in your home.

In The Chance You’re Looking For A New HVAC System…

First, it is important to know what you’re looking for in a new home heating system to know how to choose the best home heating system for you. There are a few factors that may impact how you choose a heating system for your home. These factors would include…

Climate: Standard advice may not be ideal for Arizonans given that we’re dealing with extreme temperatures year round. The best home heating system for you will be one that can properly support you and your family in the most extreme of heats and the cold winters is key to a lasting system.

Space: We’ll get into the different types of heaters soon, but it’s important to note that the ventilation system of homes may require unique home heater systems to accommodate the air flow. Additionally, when choosing a heating system for your home, you need to know the general space which will dictate what home heating system is best.

Smart: Especially now that we’re coming into the era where every appliance possible can be ‘smart’, looking into smart HVAC systems is an option for you. Of course, you should expect to shell out big bucks for such an investment.

Types Of HVAC Systems

If we were to list out every possible HVAC system, we could possibly write another 2-3 more blog posts. And that’s still a pretty condensed list. So instead, here are a few pointers on various types of heaters.


This is the one that the majority of homes use. Also called force heated-air, furnace work by burning fuel with mixed air. You could also look into the efficiency-focused furnace system that may cost a bit more now but save you money (and the environment) in the long run.


Boilers rely on water heaters warming hot water and distributing the water across the house through pipes, condensing the water into steam for distribution. Boiler systems are ideal if allergens are an issue for you as they do not rely on ducts to cool and heat your home. You may hear about oil-fired condensing boilers. We don’t recommend them due to risks of contamination and if leaks or issues arise, the risks are greater than those found in other types of home heater systems.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are ideal for homes that are surrounded by outdoor temperatures of 40+ degrees Fahrenheit. This describes the vast majority of homes in Arizona (besides those in northern Arizona). Heat pumps operate by pumping heat — pulling in hot air from outside if you want more heat and pushing out hot air from inside if you want your home cooler. As furnaces and boilers are concerned, heat pumps can also come in energy-efficient models, which are ideal for homes in 2018, ensuring that you get the best home heating system to keep you and your family comfortable while saving you money in the long-run.

If you still have any questions on the ideal heating system for you, our comfort heroes are here to save the day! Feel free to contact us or call us directly for more information at 602-787-3956.