DEC 18, 2015

Although Phoenix is home to some beautifully mild winters, the need to heat our homes is still present. Luckily, the heating systems needed here do not need to generate the same type of heat as colder climates in the United States.

At Donley Service Center, we are experts in heating and air conditioning. We wanted to write an article that would further explain and highlight the two most common types of Phoenix heating systems.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are seen widely across the Valley because they are usually built right into your central air conditioning unit. This type of heater runs on electricity, just as your air conditioner does. Because we enjoy mild winters here, the heat pump built into your unit is sufficient when it comes to heating your home to a comfortable temperature.

Modern heat pumps are also built to be more efficient than ever and are required to meet federally-regulated standards. In fact, many companies produce models that exceed the regulatory standard. If you lived in a colder climate in the northern U.S., an electric heat pump alone would likely not keep your home warm enough. As a Phoenix heating system, it is more than enough.

Natural Gas Furnace

A furnace that runs on natural gas will have no problems keeping your home warm. One thing to keep in mind if you are considering this type of heating system is that you will be at the mercy of fluctuating natural gas prices. Sometimes, it will save you money when compared to an electric heat pump. Other times, you might end up paying more. Prices for natural gas do tend to climb in the winter across the country, when the fuel is in higher demand.

Just as with air conditioners, older gas furnaces will not have the same high level of efficiency as newer models.

Which Heating System is Best for Your Home?

Deciding which heating system is best for your home will depend on your particular circumstances. We recommend scheduling an appointment with a professional who can take a close look at your home and existing equipment and provide you with the options needed to make a good choice.

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