How Can I Tell If Tree Roots Are In My Sewer Line?

In most cases, when tree roots are in your sewer line, you will find out pretty quickly. Flooding on your property or drains and toilets backing up indicate that something is wrong. However, the drains and toilets backing up can happen due to a number of causes. If you do notice several drains backing up, we recommend calling a plumbing professional such as your Donley Comfort Heroes to come and diagnose the issue. (We do the diagnosis for free!) A plumbing professional can run a special camera down the sewer line to find out exactly what is causing the blockage, and then recommend repair or replacement of the sewer line. 

How to Get Roots Out of the Drain Pipe

OK, so you have tree roots in the sewer line. Now the question is how to get roots out of the drain pipe. The last thing you want to do is to start pouring chemicals down your drain. Harsh chemicals can further damage your sewer lines and your pipes. It’s best to rely on professionals. The tools needed to unblock tree roots from your line without causing damage are specialized, so they can result in much more damage if not used correctly. 

Tools to Clear the Roots From My Sewer Lines

When a Donley professional comes to your home, the technician will assess the damage and find exactly where the problem is located. If there are tree roots in your sewer line, they will determine the severity of the damage and recommend the appropriate course of action to fix the issue.

Older sewer lines were often constructed from clay or other porous materials that eventually deteriorate. That’s why many times the line will be cleared but the roots will grow back and continue to clog. Sometimes, roots will even crack or break your sewer line completely. The bottom line? Sewer line replacement or repair should always be performed by qualified plumbing professionals. The team at Donley Service Center sees cases like these often, so we know the most effective routes to take for repairs. So, before you pour store-bought chemicals down the drain, call Donley for a free diagnosis.