When we get the creative urge to renovate our house, there seems to be very little that can get in the way of planning our dream home. And then you look at the budget and realize how wrong you were. And that’s when you start considering creative home decor. From DIY pipe shelves to pipe table legs, we’ve got all the creative ways you can use your plumbing pipes for everything!


It goes without saying but we’re going to say it anyway: please make sure you’re only using material that is clean, safe, and sturdy. While we don’t think using sewer lines are in your best interest, it is your house so do as you please. With that said, even for reused sink pipes, make sure to clean them out in the case that maybe you’re used to using coercive acids to clean out your sinks and tubs. This is especially true if you have pets at home or curious toddlers. Additionally, before you start creating those amazing DIY pipe shelves, consider how sturdy they are. If they’re being thrown aside because of burst pipes or other physical damages, you might not want to use them to support heavier items.


Whoever said that a simple look can’t be sophisticated? The major benefit to repurposing plumbing pipes for shelves or bookcases is that they are very minimalistic in nature and can be used in a plethora of ways to match any home atmosphere, be it modern or rustic.

DIY Pipe Shelves

Additionally, consider the direction you want to take with your pipe shelves and their limitations. If you have smaller thinner pipes, you don’t want too much weight against your pipe shelves. In such a case, you can reserve them for smaller items around your house. It helps if you restrict the size of your shelves in order to limit what you can and cannot place on your new shelves.


Need a way to reuse old shower curtains? May we suggest hanging some plants from a minimalistic and well-strategized place pipe rod? Really, you can use plumbing pipes to hang anything midair. This, of course, includes your coat hangers, desk attachments, shower racks, magazine racks, and toilet paper dispensers. On the other side, need to replace your shower curtains with something new? Use pipes to really add to the creative home decor that wows.

Table Legs

A table is a flat slab of material propped up by four legs. With a strong DIY spirit, you can create some amazing pipe table legs. It’s a killer look with reclaimed wood. And depending on the quality and size of the wood, the possibilities are quite honestly endless.

Curtain Rods

Your DIY pipe shelves don’t have to hold boards to pin what you may need it to. You can directly use the pipes as a pot rack to hand the items you use frequently in your house!