MAR 05, 2018

A home energy audit can be the first step in ensuring your home is working as efficiently as possible. A professional auditor will assess everything from your appliances to your ductwork to your lights. But what are the specific benefits of a home energy audit and why should you get one?


The benefits of a home energy audit for homeowners in Phoenix are especially pronounced. The extreme climate means that most folks simply cannot afford for their homes to be operating like anything less than a well-oiled machine. A difference of even just a few degrees on the thermostat can mean heaps of money over the course of consecutive 100-plus-degree days. With summer and extreme heat just around the corner, check out these reasons to consider getting your home energy audit now.


A home energy audit is the process in which a professional conducts a thorough and holistic assessment of all of the systems in your home. This assessment allows for recommendations to improve the functionality of all of the systems that comprise your home. By understanding how much energy your home uses and where there is potential room for improvement, homeowners can make strategic decisions about upkeep and upgrades. At its most basic level, a home energy audit identifies areas that energy is going to waste — wasted energy is wasted money. The ratio of energy used by any element of your home must be proportional to its output, whether that be cool air, light or something else. If there is insulation that needs touched up, a thermostat that is not working correctly or an appliance that is not working as well as it could, a good auditor will find it and let you know in a detailed report.

While do-it-yourself home energy audits are certainly not a bad idea, they do not carry the same precision as an audit from a professional. Before the professional visits your home for an energy audit, be prepared with some information.

For instance:

Is anyone at home during the typical work day?

What are your typical thermostat settings?

Are there any rooms in the home that you do not use?

Gather the previous year’s energy bills for the professional to review as well.

Then be prepared to be home while the auditor does a walkthrough of your home. During the physical inspection, they will likely have questions that will require your input. Using different types of special equipment, the auditor will assess where your home is experiencing energy losses.


You have probably already guessed the immediate benefits of a home energy audit — a likely savings on your utility bills. Many homeowners could save hundreds of dollars every yearwithout even changing their lifestyles. But did you know that the money-saving benefits extend even beyond that? By ensuring maximum energy efficiency, you can extend the lifespan of expensive systems and appliances like HVAC systems and even your washer and dryer. Not only will these systems last longer, but they will be less likely to need repairs as frequently over the years.

And did you know that a home energy audit can help improve the comfort of your home?

Many homeowners have found that after following the professional recommendations gleaned from their assessments that their air quality improved inside their home, the home was quieter and that overly drafty or hot rooms were fixed.

Additionally, some utility companies provide different incentives for getting a home energy audit. Check with your local company (likely SRP or APS) to find out what incentives might currently be available to you.


When choosing a professional to conduct your home energy audit, be sure you pick a company that is well-respected and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Ask questions such as:

How they will conduct your home energy audit?

What kind of equipment they will be using?

How often is the equipment calibrated?

If you are ready to start enjoying the energy and money savings that come with an intensive home energy audit, give us a call today. We have excellent reviews and all of our work is guaranteed. Furthermore, we can help streamline the total process of increasing your home’s efficiency by executing recommendations your home energy audit might yield. While other auditors only do audits, we do it all! After we have conducted a thorough assessment of your house, we will help you build a solid plan to start cashing in on your home’s newfound efficiency. But you are on your own when it comes time to plan out what you are going to do with all of that money you will be saving down the road!

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