A bathroom remodel is expensive. My wife and I (not gonna lie, mostly just my wife) spent the better half of two weeks coming up with a beautiful new bathroom design that we both got very excited about. Until we saw the bathroom renovation cost, totaled up. We soon realized that maybe a simple bathroom remodel was what we needed. This ended with us scouring the internet for the cheapest way to remodel a bathroom.

Given the national average for bathroom remodels, low end remodels clock in at around $2,000 with the high end at around $25,000 and the national average at $10,000. If you have the budget for a $25,000 bathroom remodeling, don’t let us get in your way! But, if you’re price-conscious and are looking for tips and tricks to get that amazing bathroom remodeling at $1,000 at most, here are some of our suggestions on how on cheap bathroom remodeling ideas.

Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures

This is probably one of the only places where you should pay a bit more in the scheme of your whole remodeling efforts. The Environmental Protection Agency reports some of today’s water-conserving plumbing fixtures are able to save upwards of 700 gallons of water per year (or the equivalence of about 40 showers), paying a bit more money now saves you a ton in the long run. It’s also probably one of the few opportunities you’ll have to invest in money-saving bathroom remodels so this is one of the first considerations in your bathroom renovation costs that you should make when remodeling. Not only can a new water conserving plumbing fixture save you money in the long run, but investing in one that goes with the new bathroom theme you’re looking for aids in building the bathroom ambiance.

Give Recycling Centers A Chance

Antique shopping does not only carry retro/relic items of the past (unless that’s what you’re looking for, then by all means). If you are able to combine a lot of creativity with your limited budget, you can get some great stuff that will add a much-needed ambiance when looking into simple bathroom remodels.

Even if you can’t find the one item you’re looking for, second-hand recycling centers may carry items and products that, with enough work, can be used for a different function. Even if it means tearing apart a cheap product, splashing (carefully placing) paint over it and combining it with another product via DIY methods, you’re looking to craft some genuinely great products at a fraction of the traditional price.


Consider what you can do when paired with a paintbrush, strategically picked out paint, and (again) a lot of creativity. Really, the possibilities are endless. This is probably the most simply bathroom remodel strategy and it’s probably going to be one of (if not) the cheapest way to remodel a bathroom while on a budget. Because the space in a bathroom is small though, you will want to make sure that you’re careful to not let paint cross over to somewhere it doesn’t belong. As such, we recommend investing in painter’s tape.

During the painting process, you’ll want to make sure that not a lot of moisture is trapped in the bathroom as you don’t want the water in the air and the paint to mix and run paint into places you worked so hard to carefully place. As such, pay an extra dollar or so for higher quality paint, Additionally, close off the bathroom for the remodeling time.

Price Hunt

During your bathroom renovations, you’re sure to come up with that one or two must-haves, regardless of if you’re looking for a full-out or even simply bathroom remodel. More and more, supermarket locations such as Target and Walmart are starting to carry some spectacular simply bathroom products at extremely reasonable prices. There’s always a chance you might find a replica of what you’re looking for there but at a fraction of the price. You also have the option of looking online and price-checking items on the internet until you find a product that is exactly (or close enough to) what you’re looking at for a price that won’t make you feel guilty.

DIY Installs and Demos

If the spirit of this blog isn’t DIY enough for you, this section should help round it round. Average demolition costs can be more than $1000 for your bathroom. If you can, try taking apart and removing appliances that you can. This should save you money, ultimately decreasing the bathroom renovation costs. And in that same spirit, look into stalling whatever you can by yourself. The simple act of installing your own toilet (if you happened to have that be part of your bathroom remodel), can save you a few hundred bucks. All the installation would cost is the pizza you would buy your friend afterward for their help in carrying the toilet over.

Use Granite Remnants

Granite itself is extremely expensive; however, the leftover granite after a job is done may not break the bank. Try reaching out to home decor stores that create granite design and see if they have any available to sell. Granite remnants, of course, won’t do a good job covering up a bathroom sink; however, they can be created to add accents and designs if creativity is employed.

Alternatively, you can create your own faux granite countertop. While extremely cost-effective, there is a bit of DIY work that must go into the process so make sure you have the time to commit to this.

Here is a link on how to make your own granite countertop. With these steps, you’ll be able to come up with a countertop that will pass for the real thing. You’ll notice, of course, that this is a great way to help spice up kitchen islands, table tops, and more. Why shell out big bucks when you can get the same effect for a fraction of the price?

Come Up With Different Models

Okay so maybe design 1 is too expensive. And maybe (probably) whatever designs you come up with afterward may be a bit pricey. But coming up with various designs and models of what your bathroom could look like can activate your creativity and cheaper items in one design could potentially fit in another cheaper design. Having multiple perspectives on your bathroom provides you with a simple bathroom remodel suggestions that are sure to reinvent the way you consider your bathroom space for the better. Not only does it optimize your space, but it also optimizes your wallet.


Remember that for your bathroom remodel, you really get out what you put into it. And this doesn’t apply only to how much you spend on it. Really, the amount of creativity, craftiness, and of course, time that you allocate to your remodeling project are the key ingredients to coming up with a feasible design that’ll not only wow everyone who passes through it, but become a piece of work you are proud of.