JUN 02, 2014

All year long, people in Arizona deal with the heat. One of the most effective ways to stay cool is to have a properly running air conditioning unit. That means your home is comfortable and you have a way to escape triple-digit temperatures. There are several signs that you may need to contact a company that provides help with air conditioning in Phoenix. You might consider upgrading your unit if:

  • Your System Is Over 10 Years Old

    In general, an HVAC system will run efficiently for about a decade as long as a homeowner takes proper care of it. After that point, your AC unit may have undergone enough wear and tear to start decreasing in effectiveness. Additionally, advances in technology means new units are much more energy-efficient than the ones built 10 years ago.

  • Your Utility Bills Are Too High

    A system that runs inefficiently will cause your utility bills to spike. If you want to save a little money, be sure to contact specialists who offer sales and installation of the best systems for air conditioning in Phoenix.

  • Your Home Is Not Cooling Correctly

    A home with uneven temperatures means an HVAC system is not working correctly. Contact an HVAC specialist to determine if an upgrade may be the solution.

Before temperatures become too outrageous, it is imperative to have a professional inspect your air conditioning system. Find a company that provides services for air conditioning in Phoenix to schedule an appointment. Call (602) 870-6840 today to speak with the air conditioning experts at Donley Service Center about whether or not its time for you to buy a new HVAC unit for your home.