APR 22, 2014

There are a few things that set humans apart from animals: logic, opposable thumbs and hot showers. Having a steady supply of hot water is necessary not only for comfortable bathing, however; it is also a requirement for cooking, washing dishes and keeping your home clean. If you turn on the faucet only to find a harsh, cold stream, you may be in need of water heater repair. In addition to a lack of warm water, look for these other signs:

  • Jump in Utility Bills: Did you have to catch your breath when your power bill came last month? When hot water heaters are not working properly, they end up draining power because they have to work so much harder. An inexplicable change in your utility bill could indicate your system needs professional help.
  • Leaking Water: It is a good idea to regularly inspect your water heater. Once a month, take a look at the tank to make sure no issues jump out at you. If you notice a problem such as leaking water, you should immediately call a hot water heater repair company. Tanks should not leak at all. Water around the system could be a result of something as simple as a loose valve, but it could indicate more serious issues that require immediate attention.
  • Rust in Your Water: Although it is not common, some homeowners find that when they use hot water, the liquid appears rusty. This can occur when corrosion has started to infiltrate the water system. While there are mechanisms in place to prevent this from happening, those systems can fail and result in dirty-looking water. Catching this issue early may prevent you from having to replace the entire tank.

If you notice that you are losing hot water when you shouldn’t, you should contact a water heater repair specialist. A professional can troubleshoot issues such as rusty or leaking water as well as an unexplained change in your utility bills. The sooner you contact a reputable repair company, the sooner you can enjoy your hot showers again.Call (602) 870-6840 now to receive professional water heater repair services from the plumbing experts at Donley Service Center.