OCT 04, 2017

Here in the Phoenix area, our AC systems work some serious overtime in the summer months. And just like you would expect your car to need some maintenance after a long summer road trip, AC maintenance is critical as the temperatures begin to cool down and our HVAC systems shift gears, so to speak. In this article, we will cover some key post-summer AC maintenance tips to make sure your system stays in good working order and that your family is comfortable throughout the rest of the year.



We end up putting this into most articles about AC maintenance, but the importance of regularly changing your air filter cannot be overstated. A dirty air filter can not only affect the air quality in your home, but can lead to breakdowns in your equipment because it allows dirt and grime to accumulate on important system components. Furthermore, if someone in your family suffers from seasonal allergies, this is a prime opportunity to rid the air inside of your home of pesky pollen and other allergens. Your air filters may need to be changed more often — any time they are visibly dirty — but the changing of the seasons is a good mental reminder to go ahead and change them if you are not already in the habit of checking and changing them faithfully. Another thing to pay attention to in regards to changing your air filter is the sound you hear when the air conditioning unit is pulling its return air. Under normal operating conditions with a clean filter, there should be little or no noise — depending on the system. As your air filter gets dirtier, air flow is restricted and your will start to hear the “sucking” sound getting louder and louder. It may even sound like a whistling sound if you let it get too clogged,


In addition to debris clogging an air filter, check vents for dirt and dust and clear away anything that you see — not just in the fall, but every time you change your air filters and conduct other regular AC maintenance. Inefficient airflow leads to increased utility bills and over time will lead to larger problems. The system does need to be cleaned professionally twice per year, but taking care of any areas you can comfortably reach in the in between is a simple, solid way to enhance your AC maintenance routine,


Don’t worry! This step only applies to outside AC units. If you have a roof-mounted AC unit, you may want to leave cleaning the exterior entirely up to a professional. But if you are comfortable and able to reach it, hosing down to clean off all of the dust and debris that accumulates over the course of monsoon season in the desert can be a helpful way to get a jumpstart on your AC maintenance.


If you have a programmable thermostat, begin changing the schedule for your comfort and for efficiency’s sake once the temperature outside begins cooling down. Doing so now will allow you to troubleshoot any issues before it is really cold outside (or at least cold for Phoenix) and the HVAC system needs to be in peak condition to keep your family comfortable. While you are checking the thermostat, take a look around to make sure there is nothing putting off heat (like a lamp or television set) directly beneath your thermostat. This can interfere with its readings.


Lastly, no AC maintenance list would be complete without a reminder that the system needs to be checked out regularly by a trained professional. Sure, you brush and floss every day (or most of us do). But you should still see a dentist for regular cleanings. An HVAC tune up should be conducted twice per year on your system — once at the beginning of the summer and then again now that we are at the end of the summer — to ensure proper preventative AC maintenance. During your HVAC tune up, a technician will ensure that all moving parts are properly lubricated, that everything (including the condenser coils) are squeaky clean, check the ampy drawer, coolant levels and the belt in your HVAC system. Conscientious homeowners who take the time to schedule this important appointment twice per year earn huge dividends on their investment in terms of overall system efficiency and the improved lifespan of their HVAC systems.

While there are a ton of AC maintenance tips that homeowners can tackle themselves, the inner workings are simply too complicated and the system is too important and valuable to not be inspected thoroughly by a qualified technician. Call us today to get a full inspection and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of your AC maintenance efforts will not be in vain.