MAY 08, 2017

Whether you are starting from scratch or updating your bathroom, there are numerous options out there for everything from water heating options to tile to unique mirrors and fixtures. Here is a look at the bathroom trends we look forward to seeing more of in 2017!



Move over, oil rubbed bronze! A far cry from the tacky bathroom finishes popular in 1988, contemporary bronze and gold bathroom fixtures are having a moment and emerging as one of the top bathroom trends of 2017. Rather than a shiny yellow, bright brass finish, today’s golden and brass bathroom fixtures have more matte, satin or antique finishes.You should even watch out for manufacturers to soon start producing yet another variation with rose gold bathroom finishes perhaps becoming another one of the popular bathroom trends that will hit the mainstream late this year or early next.

Do be forewarned, this is one of those bathroom trends that can quickly get out of hand. The key to integrating gold or bronze in your bathroom well is to keep it understated – consider using the shades on bathroom pulls, faucets and light fixtures. These items are all small enough in the grand scheme of your bathroom to act as accents without overwhelming.


From cost savings to environmental friendliness, bathroom trends will always include any innovations that lend themselves to less water consumption. The biggest source of water usage –and, therefore, the biggest opportunity for water conservation – is the toilet. Furthermore, an old toilet (any toilet that was installed before 1994) can use as much as 6 gallons in a single flush.

Low flow toilets used to get a bad wrap. But as technology has improved, so too has their function. Recognizing the necessity of low flush toilets, manufacturers were quick to develop functional toilets to fit the bill. The current federal standard for toilets is 1.6 gallons per flush, but many commonly found toilets use 1.2 gallons or less and toilets using less than a gallon per flush are far from unheard of. Not only is this a significant improvement in terms of water conservation, but this is another of the bathroom trends homeowners can take to the bank because it extends the life of your septic tank. Find a WaterSense labeled toilet (available at many price points) to identify the one that will help you maximize your water efficiency.

Similarly, water efficient showerheads and bathroom faucets are becoming increasingly economical and are common enough that homeowners can easily find one in unique finishes like gold and brass to take advantage of 2017 bathroom trends.


From unique layouts to tiles with textures and prints, one thing that is for certain is that interior designers are using tiles to make dramatic statements in fashionable bathrooms everywhere. Not sold on the longevity of this style among bathroom trends? Consider something like a herringbone pattern with a neutrally colored tile to get all of the oomph without committing yourself to a Technicolor bathroom that you may grow to loathe when bathroom trends change again in a few years.

Whether on a backsplash or on the floor, you can also get a bold look with classic tile shapes like subway or hex tiles by choosing a contrasting grout color.


Just because bathroom mirrors are a necessity does not mean that they have to be boring. Gone are the days of simple, rectangular bathroom mirrors. While bathroom trends have long included framed mirrors for a more luxurious look, this year, it is being taken a step further. From round mirrors to arabesque shapes, this is a simple way to capitalize on bathroom trends without undertaking a lengthy remodel or breaking the bank.

To multiply the impact of this bathroom trend, hang multiple mirrors in unique shapes … two over a double sink or even two or three smaller mirrors arranged over a single sink to take the place of a single large mirror.


Though tankless water heaters have been around for some time, many savvy homeowners are making the leap this year, catapulting them onto the list of bathroom trends for 2017. And for good reason! Households with tankless water heaters routinely save up to 20 percent on the cost to heat water in the home, though the true potential for energy savings depends on how the tankless water heater is used and the type of fuel source, among other factors.

Assuming that a tankless water heater is the correct size for the home it is in and not expecting to compete with an overwhelming demand (laundry running at the same time as the dishwasher while people also shower in three different bathrooms, for example), cold water is quickly heated up via heating elements when a hot water tap is turned on, resulting in a constant supply of hot water. With proper installation and maintenance, the lifespan of tankless water heaters also outpaces traditional water heaters by 5-10 years.


In contrast to bathroom trends for tile and fixtures, bathroom sinks themselves are trending toward much more simple lines. Rectangular, undermounted sinks are a sure way to get a modern, subtle look in your bathroom. Furthermore, this type of sink is easily available at a variety of price points and will match virtually any design aesthetic.

Plus, the undermount means that your guests will be able to take in even more of your beautiful countertops …


While granite has long been the go-to when it comes to countertops throughout the home, bathroom trends for the upcoming year dictate a more modern look with quartz. Luckily, technology has made it so that manmade versions of the countertop material are available in virtually any pattern or color while still maintaining a natural look. Furthermore, quartz countertops are more durable, require less maintenance (no need to reseal them) and they are more environmentally friendly to produce than granite.

Interested in incorporating some of 2017’s bathroom trends? Call us today for a consultation. We will check out your bathroom to make recommendations for plumbing related products to increase the function, efficient, and comfort of your bathrooms. Then it’s up to you to decide on the visual elements! And don’t forget to ask us about whole house water softeners to keep hard water at bay and your new bathroom looking like, well, new.