Even in the heat of Phoenix, a heat pump can freeze up and stop working. This is a major problem that can surprise many homeowners throughout the valley.

It’s important to know the warning signs of a heat pump freeze-up. In this article, we’ll explore how a heat pump can freeze and what to do about it, so you can have reliable heating and cooling throughout your property.

How Do I Know if My Heat Pump Is Freezing Up?

When a heat pump freezes up, it will show a few specific signs. You may have a frozen heat pump at your home if:

  • There’s a buildup of ice on your heat pump.
  • Your HVAC system can’t heat or cool your rooms.
  • Your system is making banging or clanking sounds.
  • Your HVAC system doesn’t seem to be blowing any air.
  • You notice smoke or sparks coming from any part of your heat pump.

When a heat pump freezes up, the system may keep trying to work, putting stress on the unit and causing severe damage. It’s important to fix a frozen heat pump as soon as possible.

How Do I Keep My Heat Pump From Freezing Up?

Avoiding heat pump freeze-ups is the best option for protecting your system and home. A few steps you can take to help avoid a freeze-up include:

  • Ensure your evaporator pan doesn’t overfill.
  • Make sure water can’t pool at the bottom of the unit.
  • Keep your outdoor unit clear of leaves and other debris.
  • Resolve any minor damage to the system as early as possible.

Scheduling proper maintenance for your heat pump can prevent a costly and dangerous system freeze-up.

At What Temperature Does a Heat Pump Freeze Up?

When it comes to a freezing heat pump, the problem isn’t always due to outdoor temperature. Even in warm weather, a heat pump can freeze up.

Debris around the unit can clog the air intake, causing internal issues for the system. Evaporated water that can’t escape the system has to go somewhere, and it can end up sitting still on metal parts of the unit, freezing them.

Even rain drainage can pool underneath the heat pump and can cause ice to form on the unit.

What Causes Heat Pumps To Freeze Up Inside a House?

A heat pump handler can freeze inside a house for similar reasons that an outdoor unit may freeze. Materials covering the unit will make the system struggle to move air through.

Condensation can get trapped in the system and freeze on the internal pipes. Water exposed to the system can cause freezing issues, as well.

Are There DIY Solutions To the Problem?

Using lukewarm water to wash away ice from the unit carefully can be helpful. Often, however, there will be ice inside the system that must also be removed. This can require special tools to clear away.

While it’s possible to thaw out a heat pump on your own, it’s not a good idea. Working with an expert is the best method for the safety of your heat pump and yourself.

How Can a Professional Help?

A professional HVAC technician can take the best care of your heat pump. Technicians have the tools and expertise to defrost a heat pump quickly and safely. They can carefully remove exterior ice and open the unit to remove internal ice. Then, they’ll test the system to ensure it functions properly.

With the help of an expert, you don’t have to worry about causing further damage to your heat pump.

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