Adopting a dog was the best decision I made for the family, and the worst decision I made for the house. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very important you let Fido outdoors to play in the mud and dirt. But also, it’s very important that you come up with solutions to clean your home as necessary. And sometimes, it’s not only Fido bringing in all the dirt in the world to our white tile floors. Our busy lives attract attention from debris and dirt. So to answer the question “why is my house so dusty”, it’s because life is messy. But with these neat tips on how to get rid of dust in the house, you’ll get your space nice and spiffy in no time!

Likely Suspect 1: Dirty Air Filters

When taking clothes out of the dryer, one of the weirdest parts in removing the lint and debris from the clothes dryer filter. How did all the dirt get there? There’s a lot of dirt and debris that the naked eye can’t see. We’re faced with a lot of debris, not only on our clothes and our bodies but in our homes. Especially because in-door environments are more susceptible to poor air quality and higher levels of debris than outside, it’s important that you have a fully functioning air filter. Therefore, to clean a dusty house, you need to regularly check your air filters. I’ve been asked before if it’s okay to remove an air filter, vacuum it, and put it back in. The answer is no simply because vacuuming is unable to get into the inner linings of your air filters.

Manufacturers have started coming out with some washable air filters, however, there are some things to note. The MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating — the rating system used for air filtration — tends to be higher (better) for disposable air filters than washable air filters. While that might not always be the case, you’ll be spending a lot more money on a washable air filter with a decent MERV score. Finally, make sure to buy a HEPA certified filter as those are more fine-grained and perform better.

Likely Suspect 2: Leaking Air Ducts

Poorly constructed air ducts run the risk of leaking air. In fact, it was reported that around 20% to 30% of air is lost due to poor air duct installations. So, why is my house so dusty? It might because you have leaking air ducts. Poor air duct installations may cause ducts to pull in dust and debris into the home. In learning how to get rid of dust in the house, it is important to check for leaking air ducts. In order to find leaky air ducts, locate your air ducts and run your hands over them to feel air being forced or blown out. If there are ducts in hard to find/reach places, it’s never a bad idea to call in HVAC professionals who can remedy the issue.

If you are able to find the leak yourself, you are able to easily tape over it. It’s important to remember not to use duct tape for air ducts. Because the heat in the air can weaken the effectiveness of duct tape, the stickiness of the tape can let air leak out or the tape will fall off altogether. Mastic tape is the preferred brand for air duct repair. Foil tape is a good alternative (much better than mastic); however, mastic wins out. Clearing out the issue helps get rid of dust in the house and prevent a dusty house in the long-run.

Likely Suspect 3: Home Humidity

If you’ve ever been to Florida (random, I know), you will be met with a wall of moisture the second you get into the heart of Florida. You feel sticky, musty, and overall gross. But besides making us feel (I hate the word but I’m going to say it) moist, high humidity also increases the risk that you’re living with dust mites in your home, contributing to a dusty house. If you want to see if you perhaps have a humid home, you can test it by investing in a hygrometer. If you’re wondering why it’s not called a hydrometer, it’s because that word is already taken.


Hygrometers are relatively inexpensive, with some running for only $10 or less on Amazon. They help test the humidity in your home. Keeping a home humidity below 50% helps prevent dust mite, mold, and bacteria. If you are dealing with high humidity, invest in a dehumidifier or crack open your windows.

Still Dealing With A Dusty Home?

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