DEC 04, 2015

When it comes to keeping your home warm without breaking the bank on your energy bills, there’s a fine balance. However, you can conserve energy at home without spending the winter months shivering. At Donley Service Center, we handle the heating and air conditioning service needs for customers all across the greater Phoenix area.

We’ve come up with a few ways to help you stay warm and conserve energy at home, and it doesn’t require much mechanical know-how at all!

Bundle Up and Turn That Heater Down

Most people know that turning the temperature down when you leave the house is a great way to shave off a few dollars from the electric bill. Want to take that savings to the next level? Crank that temperature down when you go to bed too and throw on an extra blanket. You’ll be just as warm and snug under that nice fluffy layer of blankets, while doing your part to conserve energy and save money.

Let in Some Light

There’s no shortage of sunshine here in Arizona. You can take advantage of the heat it provides simply opening your blinds.  Just remember to close the blinds at night to trap the heat inside.

Avoid Personal Heaters

Using portable heaters around the house is a sure fire way to suck more energy than is needed. You’ll have to use up lot of power to get one of those little heaters to heat your space adequately. That’s no way to conserve energy at home.

Cook With the Oven

Cooking more meals in the oven during winter months is a great way to introduce some heat into your home. Plan dinners that are oven baked to take advantage of a nice heat boost. Never attempt to use your oven as a primary heat source.

Run the Ceiling Fan Backward

You may not have noticed that little switch on the side of your ceiling fan housing, but flipping that switch to run the fan backward will help circulate the warm air down from the ceiling and spread it throughout the room. Don’t forget to flip it back when it gets hot this summer!

Insulate Your Electrical Outlets

You can actually buy a special insulation at the local hardware store that’s made to keep heat from escaping through your electrical outlets. Just remove the cover with a screwdriver, insert the insulation and replace the cover.

Small Changes Make All the Difference

Little changes around the house can make a big impact when it comes to being a more efficient consumer of power. Now that you’ve learned a little more about how to conserve energy at home, we hope you’ll put some of these pointers to good use.