MAR 31, 2014

Your home should be a comfortable place where you and your family can keep warm during the cold winter months and cool during the hot summer months. Enjoying a comfortable temperature all year round requires a properly working heating and cooling system. Ensuring that your HVAC unit is working efficiently and operating properly can best be achieved through regular maintenance. Below are a few ways that you can work to maintain a properly functioning heating and cooling system.

Duct Cleaning

The ducts in your home are the series of passageways that transport the hot and cold air into various rooms. If you have a buildup of dust, dirt, or debris, you may notice that the air doesn’t seem to flow as freely as it should or it takes longer to achieve a desired temperature in certain rooms. Additionally, clogged ducts can force your system to operate twice as hard to maintain the desired temperature, causing it to run less efficiently. A qualified HVAC repair company can assist you in this process and ensure that all ducts are free of debris.

Area Cleanup

The area around your unit, especially if it is mounted on the ground, should always be kept clean. Overgrown plants, piled up debris, or even stacks of firewood can all interfere with the function of the system and cause problems. Taking a few minutes to clean up the area surrounding your unit is an excellent way to increase the efficiency of your system.

Rely on Professionals

An expert opinion is sometimes just the thing you need to identify whether or not your system is in need of additional maintenance or repairs. It isn’t a bad idea to contact your local heating and air conditioning repair company to have an inspection performed on your system before the summer begins. Should the need for any repairs arise, a qualified technician can easily fix the problem and you can be confident that your system is working correctly.

Be prepared for the summer this year with a sound heating and cooling system that operates efficiently to keep your home at the temperature you desire. Call (602) 870-6840 today to schedule an appointment to receive affordable heating and cooling system maintenance and repair services from Donley Service Center.