APR 15, 2014

In the world of plumbing, there is no such thing as a small leak. Why? Because every leak has the potential to cause major damage in your home or business. Water is one of the most destructive natural forces in the world, even when it is just a small trickle coming from a pipe. There are a number of reasons that having a reliable company to provide on-call plumbing services is important when you have an emergency.

  • Control the Damage: As water leaks from a pipe, faucet, toilet or other plumbing feature and into a space where it shouldn’t be, it immediately starts causing damage. The wood and other materials supporting your structure start to weaken. Water stains begin to ruin paint, wallpaper and flooring. Cabinetry and personal possessions fall prey to water damage as well. The quicker you can shut off the water and get plumbing contractors to your residential or commercial space, the more you can control the damage.
  • Avoid Mold: Believe it or not, mold will start to grow within as little as 24 hours of water sitting in your home or business. Mold spores not only trigger allergies, but they can also prove to be toxic. A professional Phoenix plumbing service that offers repair 24/7 can immediately start drying out the water to prevent mold growth.
  • Restore Functionality: If you have a burst pipe or other plumbing issue, chances are you may not be able to use a room or two in your home or business for a few days or more. This can be inconvenient at best and even cause a loss of business in other circumstances. It is imperative to troubleshoot and resolve these problems as soon as possible to restore continuity and get you back on track.

A plumbing problem can throw a wrench in your plans and even create dangerous situations in your home or business. Having round-the-clock plumbing services is essential to mitigating extensive damage and preventing the growth of mold or other toxic substances. Look for a reputable plumber who can help you no matter when your emergency strikes. Call (602) 870-6840 today for information about the 24/7 plumbing services available at Donley Service Center.