FEB 29, 2016

It feels like springtime is here early in the Phoenix area, and it’s bringing all those allergens along for the ride.

If you’re sensitive to seasonal allergies, the last thing you want to do is suffer in your own home. The key to keeping those allergies at bay is maintaining a higher level of indoor air quality. Here at Donley Service Center, we’ve come up with a few ways to keep your air cleaner with less irritating allergens floating around.

Upgrade Your Air Filter

The typical flat fiberglass air filter isn’t built to keep pollutants and allergens out of your home. In fact, the primary purpose of these filters is keeping large clumps of dirt and dust out of your air conditioning system. They only filter out about 10% of pollutants.

High efficiency air filters, on the other hand, can remove 85% of pollutants from your home, but they do cost a bit more than your typical filter. Because of the density and pleated designs, they’ll last longer and keep your air as well as your HVAC system cleaner.

Dust Your Vents and Ceiling Fans

Do you have dust collecting around your vents? You’ll want to check the large vent where you install the air filter as well as the vents in every room where air is distributed (this is a great time to swap that filter out for a better one). Making sure your vents are nice and clean will help keep dust and dander from blowing around your home.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to get all the dust off of your ceiling fan blades. A damp rag will easily do the trick.

Have Your Ducts Checked Out

Your ducts play a major role in your indoor air quality. For instance, if there’s a leak somewhere in your duct work, it will start sucking in dirty, unfiltered air and circulating it throughout your home. Dirty ducts can also spread annoying allergens throughout your home, making for an uncomfortable springtime indoors.

We recommend having your duct work inspected and cleaned. Now’s really the perfect time to do it because you are most likely not running the air conditioner this time of year. One of our qualified technicians can address any holes or air leaks you may have in your ducts and perform a thorough cleaning. That means when it is time to start running that AC, you can count on the cleanest air possible blowing from your vents.