MAY 07, 2015


Air conditioning installation is an important investment and choosing the right company is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Whether you’re having a custom home built or putting a new unit in an existing home, choosing the right company will ensure your experience is hassle free. The experts at Donley Service Center have been operating in the Phoenix metro area for decades and say there are a few key things to keep in mind before you start installing air conditioning in your home.


A licensed contractor offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing your air conditioning installation is fully guaranteed. State law holds licensed contractors to the highest standards of work performance and ethical business practices. Donley Service Center far exceeds the state requirement by making sure every technician is trained and experienced by requiring them to undergo continued training every year. An air conditioning system is the most mechanically and technically complex aspect of a home’s construction. It’s always reading the temperature and adjusting to keep the climate controlled. The unit also has to remain efficient to keep the electric bill down and operate in an environmentally-friendly way. It takes complex electrical systems and a network of vents and ducts to make the air conditioning flow smoothly. Only a certified and licensed contractor should be trusted to handle the complicated task of air conditioning installation.


Donley Service Center have been serving the Valley since 1976 and know that trust and experience are the cornerstone of a lasting relationship with customers. The company’s technicians are well-versed in residential and commercial air conditioning installation. When you’re shopping around, make sure the company you choose has a solid reputation, loyal customer base and plenty of experience installing a wide range of air conditioning units. Donley Service Center have spent years building that trust with customers and place the highest priority on excellent work and top-notch customer service.


Before you have an air conditioning install performed on your property, make sure you get the right questions answered.

Reputation: What kind of reputation does the company have? Donley Service Center can point to countless customer testimonials and even provide references to potential clients. That’s how customers know they are choosing a company that takes its reputation seriously.

Quality Equipment: Knowing what brands and type of unit a company will install in your home or business is important. Donley only performs air conditioning installation using the most reliable and trusted brands on the market. This means the unit installed in your home will be dependable for years to come.

Ethical Estimates: Perhaps the most important part of choosing a company to perform your air conditioning installation is making sure you get the most out of your investment. The estimate you get should be ethical and not loaded down with hidden fees. Donley Service Center prides itself on offering an honest price that will ensure customers always get the most out of their money.

Continuing Service: Don’t hire a company that isn’t going to be there for you once the contract is signed. Choosing a company that offers a service contract is a great way to make sure your unit is always running at peak performance. Donley Service Center offers a continuing service program that will ensure a unit is always tuned-up. A technician will always be around to inspect your unit and make sure it’s always running well. Simple adjustments twice a year will keep any unit running to its full potential.


The company you choose should have experts in all aspects of HVAC service and repair. This means knowing about electrical wiring, refrigeration systems, air flow, combustion, programming and much more. Only a licensed and experienced contractor can ensure the job is not only done right, but safely as well.


The company you choose for air conditioning installation should have experience serving your area of the Valley. At Donley Service Center, technicians work all over the Phoenix metro area. The company has experience installing air conditioning in Phoenix as well as Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa, to name just a few. Call Donley Service Center to get an honest, fast and hassle free air conditioning installation quote. Donley’s qualified staff can ensure you get the best possible price and the right unit to get the job done for years to come. When it’s time to replace an existing unit, trust a company with decades of experience and a strong reputation for top-notch service and guaranteed work.