NOV 20, 2017

If you are a longtime homeowner, a continually growing “to-do” list is nothing new. And with the long list of obligations and responsibilities that come with owning a house, water heaters are easily overlooked — tucked into a corner (probably in the garage), so out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, this means that many homeowners do not realize they need a new water heater until they have a severe problem. Whether you are facing a serious water heater issue or have a feeling that it may just be time, here are some reasons to buy a new water heater.


Reason #1: There’s a Leak in Your Water Heater

One of the primary reasons to buy a new water heater is if the old water heater is broken. Water heaters in disrepair commonly leak. Keep in mind that a leak does not always mean something catastrophic has occurred. Check around the fittings and piping to search for wetness or dampness. It may be just a simple fix. However, if you notice a crack in the water basin or significant corrosion, the benefits of buying a new water heater may very well outweigh any potential repairs you would make to the unit instead.Talk to a professional technicianwhom you trust about your options and consider the age of the existing water heater.

Reason #2: Your Water Heater is Old

Another of the more prominent reasons to buy a new water heater is the age of the existing water heater. Typically water heaters will give you pretty good performance for around ten years if properly maintained. If your water heater is nearing that 10-year mark, preventative replacement may be a good idea, even if the unit seems to be functioning fine. Some homeowners reason that it is better to get a new water heater on their own terms rather than waiting until something happens to the old one and they are inconvenienced by a period of time without a functioning one.

Reason #3: You Outgrew Your Water Heater

The need for a new water heater does not have to be failure or age-related. If you have outgrown your existing one, it could be a definite reason to buy a new water heater. Quite simply,it may be too small to keep up with the need in your household. As your household grows, so does your water consumption – more showers, more baths, more dishes to wash, more clothes to keep clean and so on. Talk with a professional about the amount of hot water usage and get the correct size unit for your needs. You will be amazed at how much more smoothly the process of getting ready in the morning goes when you do not have to worry about your spouse or one of the kids using all of the hot water and leaving everyone else to take cold showers.

Reason #4: You’re Not Getting Enough Hot Water

One of the reasons to buy a new water heater may be if you are among the families who frequently find themselves without enough hot water to meet their needs comfortably, even though they already have a relatively well-functioning, large hot water heater in their house. However, keep in mind that a new water heater to supplement your existing one is far from your only option in this scenario. Based on a thorough evaluation of your home and your hot water needs, a professional will be able to make a solid recommendation for whether your needs justify the expense of a new water heater or if a product like a hot water booster is for you.

Reason #5: Better Energy Efficient Water Heaters on the Market

Like everything else, water heaters continue to improve in terms of efficiency and design. Depending on the age and condition of your current water heater, you might add energy efficiency to your list of compelling reasons to buy a new water heater.Check out this nifty calculator from the Department of Energy to calculate your potential energy savings. Or, let us send a qualified technician to inspect your home and water heater. He may have some great news for you if it turns out that new water heater will pay for itself over time.


Whether you are looking to reduce your energy costs and save some money or to maximize the hot water delivery in your home, there are numerous reasons to buy a new water heater. If you think you might be a candidate for a new water heater, we recommend thoroughly researching different types of water heaters for yourself. Call Donley with any questions, and when you need the Comfort Heroes to install a new water heater for your home.