MAY 30, 2018

By this point, you probably know that it’s a good idea to drink more water. You might not, however, know the best way to get water every day. While most people do carry water around with them, there’s a very real debate between filtered water vs bottled water. Figuring out which one is the best does take some digging, but most would agree that having a filtration system at home does beat out buying bottled water every day. The reasons why, though, might not be clear to those who haven’t thoroughly explored the differences between the two water delivery systems.


While bottled water is popular, that doesn’t mean it is the best way for you to hydrate. Water filtration systems really are a better choice, and not just because of the reasons that might immediately come to mind. Below are just ten of the reasons why water filtration (and specifically reverse osmosis systems) might be a better fit for you than you think. Not only are there some real drawbacks to using bottled water, but filtration systems bring with them some very real benefits that are hard to get with bottled water.


Though bottled water is fairly convenient, it has a lot of drawbacks. You have to pick it up at a store, lug a huge case into your home, and find a place to store it. If you have water filtration, though, you just have to remember to fill up your water bottle – much less heavy lifting and an overall easier way to enjoy a refreshing beverage.


If you’ve ever spent a moment looking at the prices in a supermarket, you know that bottled water can be expensive. Did you know, though, that reverse osmosis can be much cheaper? In fact, you’re looking at an average cost of about two cents per gallon, which is significantly less than even the cheapest bottled water you can find.


If you’re concerned about the environment, it’s time to ditch disposable water bottles. They create quite a bit of waste that isn’t biodegradable, and many bottles can be found on the side of the road rather than in the proper recycling bins. If you really want to do your part to help the environment, switching over to a filtration system is one of the best moves you can make. Water filtration is simply the greenest solution for getting better-tasting drinking water.


A good water filtration system does more than give you better drinking water. It also helps to filter the water in your whole home, which can help to extend the lives of both your plumbing and of your water-using appliances. These water filtration units are a great bonus for homeowners who have no desire to replace major systems in their homes prematurely.


One of the best parts of using a good water filtration is eliminating the problem of water bottles. This isn’t just an environmental issue – it’s a clutter issue. How many half-full water bottles do you have sitting around your house or in your car right now? If you switch to filtration, you don’t have to deal with excess trash.


When you deal with bottled water, you’re dealing with a manufactured product. If you check reviews online, you’ll note that manufacturing problems are a frequent complaint of bottled water buyers. Whether the bottles themselves are misshapen or there are actual problems with the water itself, you’re looking at issues that you just wouldn’t have to deal with if you had a water filtration unit at home. Consider this just one of the many benefits of choosing filtration.


What’s in your bottled water? In all honesty, you don’t really know. You can guess, but the truth is that you never know what’s really being filtered out. If you use a filtration system, you know exactly what’s happening to your water. The base elements that would be in your water are actually monitored by your municipality, and you can count on your system to make sure that anything unhealthy is automatically taken out of the water you drink.


Another great benefit of using a water filtration system is that you won’t have to worry about running out of water. How often have you checked inside your refrigerator to get a new bottle only to notice that you’ve run out? Instead of having to go to the store to get a new bottle of water and having to stash it away until it cools down, you can simply go to your tap and get a refreshing glass of water with no effort at all.


Another great reason to use water filtration is that you are already hooked up to the municipal water system. Bottled water is fine if you are in an isolated area, but you’re already using public water as it is. If you choose to filter your water, you’re just making a better use of something for which you are already paying. Choose water filtration so that you can better take advantage of a great resource that is already at your fingertips.


Finally, it’s important to point out that water filtration doesn’t stop you from having water on the go. In fact, you can just go out and grab a single reusable water bottle in order to get all of the benefits that you’d get from bottled water. These systems don’t stop you from doing anything you could do with bottled water, but they do help you to accomplish all of the other benefits on the list. Simply put, the benefits of having bottled water are benefits that you could easily get with a filtration system.

Changing to filtered water instead of bottled water can be hard, but it really is worth doing. If you’re thinking about making the switch, it might be time to talk to a professional about getting a good reverse osmosis system. If you’re in the Phoenix area and are ready to make the change, don’t trust just anyone. You will absolutely need the help of professionals who have installed systems for others and who can help you figure out exactly what you need. Get in contact with Donley Service Center to start the conversation about getting a reverse osmosis system today.