AUG 29, 2016

It’s hot out. The summer months in Arizona bring record temperatures, which means that having an AC system that works properly is key to surviving the heat. Things can go wrong though, causing your AC to not blow cold air or to stop working altogether. Knowing the causes of these problems and what to do is important to getting your house cool again. Here we have compiled a list of potential issues and how to troubleshoot them in case this happens to you. It’s always good to be prepared just in case.

AC Not Blowing Cold Air: Causes and What to Do

There are several reasons why your air conditioning unit is not blowing cold air. This AC troubleshooting guide will help you to determine the potential cause for your problem, as well as offersolutions and tips for how to deal with it.


If your condenser coils become dirty, it can be the cause of your AC not functioning properly. The condenser coil’s job is to essentially take the hot air and move it outside. Thus, if dirt and residue build up on the coils, the AC unit is working that much harder to transport the hot air out. The unit housing these coils is actually outside your home, which means that debris can easily collect. The result is your air conditioner will work extremely hard to compensate and the warm air will be released slower, so your house will become hotter. Since it is working so hard, your energy usage will skyrocket, leaving you with a bigger bill! Avoid this by keeping an eye on your unit, and an annual cleaning by professionals is always recommended to have your AC lasting long and running smoothly!


The compressor is one of the vital components of an air conditioning unit. Its job is to help circulate and provide energy to the refrigerant. It uses air pressure to compress the refrigerant into a high pressure gas which goes through a process of condensation and evaporation to ultimately rid your home of the hot air. So, if there is a problem with your compressor, you can bet that your house will feel pretty toasty. One quick test that you can perform on your own is to turn your thermostat down and see if the AC unit kicks on. Paying attention to the sound of your air conditioner is also a good habit to get into. If you notice that you only hear the fan going on the outside unit, it can be a good indicator that your compressor may need to be replaced.


One of the more common causes of an AC problem actually has to do with refrigerant leaks and the resulting shortages. There is refrigerant material inside the coils that the hot air passes through before it is expelled outdoors. If there is a shortage of coolant due to a leak, it poses a serious problem. If you notice there is warm air blowing from your vents, that is a sign that there could be a leak somewhere. Another symptom would be hissing or bubbling noises that you would hear as the refrigerant escapes the unit. While you can buy a sealer to temporarily solve the problem, the only real solution is to consult with professionals and to get the broken parts replaced. This is the best long term solution, and it will ensure that your AC unit is working properly for years to come.


It is important to know how the settings on your thermostat work in order to properly cool your home. It can be quite easy to accidentally mistake the “on” setting for the cool setting. If the unit is set to “on,” the fan will still blow, regardless of if the air is cool or not. This can allow you to mistake it for a larger problem than it is, so it is always good to check this prior to concluding there is another problem. Setting your system to “auto” will allow only cool air to be passed through the fans.


While there are some tips here to help you determine what the problem with your AC unit might be, the process can still be challenging for anyone not in the business. It is always best that if you suspect a problem, you consult with the professionals. Here at Donley, we have a trusted team that is dedicated to keeping your house cool. Donley Service Center also offers 24/7 emergency services to ensure that the quality of living does not decrease due to an air conditioning problem. Contact us today to get your unit running smoothly again!