JUL 29, 2015

The summer is here, which means monsoon season is upon us. With it comes the dust, heavy rainfall, and lightening storms Valley residents have come to expect. Many welcome the weather change, but these storms can have a devastating effect on your air conditioning system if not routinely checked. Luckily, there a few easy things you can do to make sure your AC unit is prepared for the task.

One of the most common results from monsoon weather are the electrical surges caused by lightening. These can trip your home’s circuit breaker and knock out power to your central air unit. Installing a surge protector for your AC system is an easy way to protect your circuit breaker, and save you an expensive service call when your power goes out.

The other more obvious effect from intense Arizona dust storms is the debris that can cause damage to your system, if not properly maintained. The dirt and moisture from large haboobs can dirty up your outside unit, decreasing its efficiency by making it worker harder with dirty coils . The buildup of dust and rubble will also jam up you AC unit’s air filter, blocking a steady airflow to the rest of the home. Be sure to regularly inspect the condition of your air filters, and keep the unit clean from debris. Routine checks to make sure your outside unit is dirt-free will help sustain your AC system during Arizona’s summer storms.

Finally, consistent preventative maintenance before and during the monsoon season will make sure your AC is ready to weather the storms. Schedule routine tune ups and maintenance inspections to identify any problems with the system before they occur. Doing so will ensure that your AC unit will perform at its best during the summer months, and not leave you in the heat with costly repairs.

If you have any problems or concerns with your air conditioning system following a monsoon storm this season – don’t wait! Donley Service Center is here to help and available 24/7! Visit our website or give us a call at 602-395-6034 to schedule an AC inspection and keep your home cool and comfortable this summer.