JAN 04, 2016

So you have a blocked drain or two around the house and aren’t sure if you should tackle the problem yourself, or hire a good plumber to take care of it. Naturally, it depends on the nature of the clog.

Almost everything we do around the house requires the use of our plumbing system. From showering to cooking, flushing the toilet and running the dishwasher – there’s always something going down the drain. It’s only a matter of time before a clog starts to cramp your style.

How Do You handle It?

You can probably handle smaller clogs all on your own if the blockage is isolated to a single area of your home. This could involve the use of some easy-to-use tools. When trying to unclog a drain yourself, always go for the plunger first. You may be able to easily remove the blockage and call it a day.

However, if the clog doesn’t come right out when using a plunger, it may be time to use a pipe snake or drain auger to get to the tough clogs.

Another option would be to have a jetting service done. This involves hiring a professional plumber to come to your home and clean out the pipes using high-pressure water. This will leave your plumbing clog-free.

What If Multiple Drains Are Clogged?

If several drains or all the drains in your home are clogged, this is a good sign you have a bigger problem on your hands, one that should be addressed by a professional plumber. That’s because it could be your sewer line causing all your drains to clog up.

Only a professional plumber will be able to adequately clear your sewer lines, or tell you if your sewer line needs to be replaced. The good news is, replacement can be done easily, with little damage to your property.

At Donley Service Center, we use trenchless sewer replacement to replace sewer lines. By implementing specialized equipment we can run a new line and destroy the old one without having to dig an open trench through your property.

If it is just a clog that does not require replacement, we can handle that too. Our qualified plumbers will carefully inspect your issue and use cameras to determine where the clog is and how to best go about clearing it.

If you have a stubborn clog, feel free to give the experts at Donley Service Center a call at 602-870-6840. We’ll help get your drains flowing as good as new.