Let’s face it, plumbing emergencies are a hassle and can cause serious damage if not adequately resolved, but don’t panic! Donley A/C & Plumbing has been serving the valley since 1976 and is available to help you in case an emergency arises.

Read more to learn about the six most frequent plumbing problem catastrophes and how to prevent them.

Six common plumbing emergencies

Overflowing toilet

Given how frequently your bathroom is used, it should be no surprise that a blocked toilet is one of the most common plumbing issues in the home. Your overflowing toilet may be caused by one of the three reasons below.

A clogged drain: A clogged, or blocked drain may be the easiest issue to spot. If your toilet’s water is not going down and your bowl is filling back with water, you may have a clog. It’s best to clear the blockage to halt the overflow. A plunger can usually remove basic obstructions. If the problem persists, a Donley technician can evaluate the problem as it may lead to a bigger issue.

A pipe vent may be blocked: If you notice that your toilet isn’t flushing correctly and it becomes a recurring issue, then you may have a blocked pipe vent. The air pipe helps air move through the plumbing system so that new air is replaced with each flush. This issue needs professional help, and a Donley plumbing expert should be contacted.

High filler float: If you notice water rising so high that it spills onto the floor, a high filler float may be the problem. The tank will fill with too much water if the filler float is placed too high, causing spills. This can be resolved by changing the mechanism regulating the float level inside the tank.

Running toilet

Just when you think your running toilet has stopped, it starts back up again, leaving you to deal with listening to it run day in and day out. A running toilet can be bothersome to listen to, but most importantly, it can raise your utility bill.

The cause of a running toilet may be that your flapper valve may be worn out and needs to be replaced or could be caused due to built-up sediment. If you have an old toilet, it may be time to hit the hardware store to purchase a new one. A Donley plumbing professional can assess your toilet and determine the best course of action if you want to ensure this is done correctly.

Clogged drain or sink

What is that smell? If you often put leftover food in your sink or disposal, then that makes for more clogs that sit in your pipe. A plunger or a drain snake may be used to clear a clogged sink. Individuals often turn to clog-clearing chemicals but make note that these harsh chemicals can harm your pipes even more and should be used very seldom. Contact a licensed plumber if you need your sewage line serviced.

You can prevent a clogged sink by:

  • Not putting food scraps down your sink
  • Discarding of grease elsewhere
  • Properly use your garbage disposal
  • Use a drain catcher for food scraps
  • Sticking with organic cleaners

Garbage disposal issues

A Donley plumber should check your disposal for damage if it is no longer grinding food, won’t turn on, or is making ominous noises when grinding. If you think a utensil or hard food is logged in the blades, turn off your disposal before checking to avoid serious injury.

How to properly use your garbage disposal

When it comes to using your garbage disposal, there are a few common tips to remember.

  • Always let cold water run when using your disposal
  • Don’t overload the disposal with food waste
  • Avoid grinding big scraps, instead throw those in the garbage bin
  • Remove small utensils from the sink before turning on the disposal
  • Keep your disposal clean and make sure all waste is grinded out before shutting it off

Water leaks

Have you ever walked into a room in your house, stepped in a puddle, and thought to yourself, “where is this water coming from?” Well, you may have a leak in one of your plumbing appliances.

Water heater leaks: Your water heater is more likely to leak and drip as it ages. You may be able to have your current water heater repaired, or you may have to have the unit replaced, especially if, once repaired, the leaks continue. A Donley plumbing expert can give the best direction on which unit is right for your home.

Leaky faucet: A dripping water faucet may be more irritating than anything, but it can also raise your monthly water bill and cause rust and water spots. Over time, the faucet’s components may loosen or wear and tear as they age. We suggest getting your faucet looked at to determine the next steps.

Burst pipe

Contact us immediately if you see any damp marks on your walls or a sudden increase in your electricity bill. This could be a pipe burst in your home due to old age and needs to be replaced. Get help from a trusted Donley plumber.

Need our help?

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