AUG 06, 2018


Is it time for a new unit? You can find many signs pointing towards the inefficiency of your unit.

For example, do you find that your unit needs frequent repairs? You should be receiving maintenance on your unit at least once a year to help prevent ongoing issues, but Arizona summers will make the toughest units work hard. You don’t want to deal with A/C replacement in the middle of the summer, so identifying a problem unit beforehand will be helpful in the long run.

As A/C units grow older, they become less efficient. Over time units become dirty, their parts start to break or become worn down, which cause the air conditioner to work harder every time it is run. All of this leads to an increase in your energy bills. Newer air conditioners are generally more energy efficient, and with new advances in technology, A/C units use less energy to be more powerful than before. If you are trying to lower your energy bills, switching to a new A/C can help you save money in the long run.

Less efficient, older A/C units take much longer to cool your house and have difficulty maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home. Some problems such as certain rooms being too hot or too cold are often caused by an overworked A/C unit. Once you notice your home is often uncomfortable, even while your A/C unit is running, it may be time to invest in a new A/C unit.

One of the jobs of an A/C unit is to regulate the humidity in your house, as well as the temperature. We all know how bad the humidity can become during monsoon season. Old air conditioners will make your house feel quite muggy after a storm. A house with too much moisture in the air can lead to mold and water damage, bringing even more expensive problems into the fold.

Air conditioners generally last about 10 years before it is time to replace them. After this time they are more likely to experience breakdowns and will not be working efficiently to cool your house anymore. They could contain years of dust, dirt, and bacteria that could pollute the air inside of your house. If you are experiencing repair after repair, it is probably time to think about A/C replacement. In the long-run,  A/C replacement costs are generally lower than the high energy bills mixed with constant repairs of an old, inefficient unit.

You may notice grinding, chattering, or squealing noises coming from your unit. These are not typical sounds. If you smell something strange such as burning rubber, chemical odors, or another unexpected scent, contact Donley Service Center. Older units may develop unusual conditions that produce strange sounds and smells, indicating the end of your air conditioner.


The final cost will depend on the unit, additional installation items such as ductwork and the professional’s installation rates. A new A/C unit will typically pay for itself in the form of lower bills, less repairs, and the benefits of cool, clean house.

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