JUN 26, 2014

Clean water is one of the necessities of life. By installing home water filtration systems to remove pollutants and chlorine, homeowners can enjoy better quality water and a healthier household. The numerous advantages of water filtration include the following:

  • Pure drinking water at a lower cost
  • Longer life for household appliances
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Cleaner glassware and dishes
  • A positive impact on the environment

Purifying Your Drinking Water

Drinking plenty of fresh water is an important part of healthy living. Many people pay large amounts of money for bottled water to drink on a daily basis. When you install a household water filter to get rid of unwanted chemicals, you can have top quality water for just pennies a day. You will also cut down on the environmental waste caused by discarded plastic bottles.

Keeping Household Appliances Healthy

Your body isn’t the only system that appreciates pure water. When you run your water supply through a reverse osmosis water filter before using a water heater, shower, clothes washer, coffee maker, dishwasher or other appliance, you’re ensuring a longer life for the equipment. By cutting down on sediment and buildup, you can make your appliances run more efficiently.

The Everyday Luxury of Clean Water

When you install a filtration system, you’ll also notice a difference in many small things. Dishes will come out clean and clear, with no streaks or water spots. Clothes will be softer, allowing you to save on fabric softener. Your skin and hair will be healthier once it’s no longer exposed to chlorine and lime on a daily basis. Even hair color treatments will last longer when you use filtered water.

It’s Easy to Start With Home Water Filtration

Modern water filtration systems are easier to install and maintain than ever before. Pure, fresh water can be yours every day for a surprisingly low cost. By contacting an expert plumber, you can find out more about your options for home water filtering. Call (602) 870-6840 today to find out more about the water filtration systems available at Donley Service Center.