AUG 28, 2011

Plumbing problems can present some of the most urgent household emergencies. A backed-up kitchen drain is a hassle, broken pipes can cause expensive water damage, and no one likes the thought of a clogged toilet. Phoenix plumbing can present particular challenges because of the high levels of minerals in our local Valley water, particularly calcium and magnesium. These minerals can build up in harmful deposits in pipes and can also make our tap water less than ideal for bathing, showering and cleaning.

Donley Service Center, your family owned and operated Phoenix plumber service, can not only handle your plumbing emergencies, we also offer products and services that can make plumbing emergencies a thing of the past in your home. Our Plumbing Home Service Program provides annual preventative maintenance for residential or commercial plumbing systems. One of Donley’s certified plumbing technicians will inspect your plumbing and perform a 55-point maintenance checklist.  This service can save you money in several ways:

  • Reducing your energy bills by keeping your water heater operating at peak efficiency
  • Reducing your water bill by locating small leaks that need repair
  • Maximizing the life of your plumbing equipment and appliances
  • Avoiding much more costly plumbing repairs that can result from neglect of your system

In addition, installing a Donley water conditioner will counteract the high mineral content of the Arizona water supply, making your water better for household cleaning and personal use.  Greatly reducing mineral deposits from your household water will make your dishes less spotty, your hair and skin softer-feeling, your drinking water better-tasting, and your clothes softer and cleaner. You’ll save money by using less soap, shampoo and detergent, and more significantly, by extending the life of your appliances as a result of reducing scaly mineral buildup.

Donley Service Center can also serve your other plumbing appliance needs. A Donley reverse osmosis water system will remove unhealthful and odor-causing impurities from the water you drink and cook with. We also install a complete line of kitchen disposers from InSinkerator, the top names in disposers, as well American Water Heaters, including their Premier Plus line.

Contact Donley Service Center today at 602-870-6840 to become part of our Plumbing Home Comfort Program, or for any of our other quality plumbing services and products.