OCT 29, 2014

Whether you are looking to replace a broken water heater or are moving into a new home in the Phoenix area, it is important to research the types of Phoenix water heaters available. Most people know about gas and electric water heaters, while fewer people know about solar water heaters. Here is a breakdown on each type of water heaters Phoenix companies have to offer.


Gas water heaters are widely available throughout the United States and are a common method for heating water. There are many benefits to installing a gas water heater. First, gas Scottsdale water heaters typically cost less to operate than electric water heaters. Additionally, gas water heaters usually have a faster recovery rate. This means you get replacement hot water faster with a gas water heater than with an electric model.


Another common method for heating water in the Phoenix area is with electricity. An electric water heater generally costs less to install than a gas water heater; however, the cost to operate an electric unit is higher. Still, there are some significant benefits of electric Phoenix water heaters including safety, smaller space requirements, and longer life expectancy.


Solar water heaters are probably the least understood amongst the types of water heaters available. A solar water heating system uses the sun to heat your water. Solar water heaters are definitely environmentally friendly and can cut the amount of carbon dioxide you release into the air in half. Another huge benefit of solar water heaters is a long life expectancy. Regular gas and electric water heaters have a typical life expectancy of 8-12 years, while solar water heaters have an average life expectancy of 20 years. At this time, we do not service this type of water heater.

Each type of water heater has advantages and disadvantages. Before making your next water heater purchase, take some time to compare models and find what type will work best for your situation. In the Phoenix area, you may find that solar water heaters are excellent choices, or you may decide to stick with the conventional heating methods of gas and electric. Call (602) 870-6840 today to speak with an expert at Donley Service Center about water heaters.