SEP 08, 2014

When it comes to household necessities, a reliable supply of hot water probably tops most peoples’ lists. From that morning shower to clean loads of dishes and laundry, your home’s water heater is responsible for a lot. While you may not be able to perform every repair your unit will need over its lifetime, doing a little research on Phoenix water heaters can help you to field some basic performance and maintenance issues.

Types of Water Heaters

While most homes use tank-type heaters, in some cases water is heated by a boiler, and many people prefer to use tankless systems. Conventional water heaters typically consist of a large, cylindrical tank, and are often located in a basement or garage. In some situations, however, a standalone heater that provides warmed water instantaneously is installed near the fixture it serves.

Standard Water Heaters

Standard, tank-type water heaters usually run on either electricity, or a fuel like gas, oil, or propane. You will know that your unit is fuel-fired if you see a pilot light or a top-mounted vent pipe that removes exhaust fumes. Electric heaters, meanwhile, simply use a power cable to connect the heater to a nearby electric service panel.

In addition to an exhaust system, for fuel-type heaters, you will also find the pipes for water delivery and supply. The supply pipe feeds cold water into the bottom of the tank, while the delivery pipe carries heated water from the top. Additionally, all water heaters should be equipped with a temperature and pressure relief valve in order to keep internal conditions safe during operation. Since this valve may occasionally open and release water, it is a good idea to keep a container at the end of the pipe to catch it.

Corrosion Issues

Since most tanks use steel construction, corrosion is one of the most frequent causes of water heater failure. While there are some temporary fixes, ultimately the tank will probably need to be replaced. Make sure to check the magnesium anode rod annually, since this device helps to reduce the corrosion of the steel itself.

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