Everybody likes staying cool during the summer months, but a cool home comes at a price. These tips will allow you to stay cool and save money at the same time.

A big step to keeping your home cool while saving money is purchasing an energy efficient air conditioner. Systems with higher SEER ratings use less energy, which means spending less on your bills. There are also possible government incentives that might make an energy efficient system cost the same as a standard system. You can check if these are available at These systems are optimal because you can stay comfortable while lowering your costs.

Next, when you are not at home for more than a couple of hours or on vacation, raise the temperature in your home. The best temperature for when you are not there is 85 degrees or higher. You may put it up higher if you would like, but it will take longer when you return to cool the house, and may cost more in the long run. Be sure not to turn your A/C off or it will cause your refrigerator to work too hard.

Another tip to keep your home cooled is by using ceiling fans. Technically, fans do not cool rooms, but they cool your skin through a wind-chill effect. If you are gone for an extended period of time, turn your fans off because they do not change the temperature of the room. If left on they will only be wasting electricity, however, some experts say they help limit humidity and prevent mold. You can also increase the temperature by 4 degrees while using a fan without a change in comfort. Only use fans in the rooms you are using to maximize the cash you can save on your power bill. This strategy also works in winter by changing the rotation of the fans.

Changing your air filters not only can protect your A/C system from unnecessary damage, but can save you a significant amount on operating costs. Dirty air filters use much more energy than new, clean filters. Keeping your air filter clean and in good condition can save you up to 15% on utility costs.

A very simple way to help keep utility costs down is by having annual maintenance done on your system. This ensures efficient performance, prevents breaking down, and keeps it in good shape, allowing the air conditioner temperature to be utilized much more efficiently.

Lastly, by installing a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the temperature to your exact point of comfort, as well as save up to 2% for every degree you raise the temperature. You can also create a schedule that follows your family’s routine, changing the temperature automatically while you are not home or while you are sleeping.

Try these tips and see the change in your power bills. Call 602-787-3956 or click here to schedule maintenance on your unit to keep it running efficiently.