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Phoenix Hot Water Heater Facts

survey_side.jpgThe city of Phoenix is known for having more than its fair share of sunny days, which is why it makes perfect sense for residents of the area to consider buying a Phoenix hot water heater that takes advantage of all the sunshine. There are two important facts to consider when deciding whether or not a solar hot water heater is indeed a viable option:

  • Hot water production is responsible for up to 25 percent of home energy use.
  • Solar water heating units are energy efficient.

Simply put, if you are interested in conserving energy in a way that is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, then a solar water heater is an option to consider.

Significant Portion of Energy Is Used to Heat Water

The average Phoenix hot water heater uses up to a quarter of the home's energy. Not only that, but many of these hot water heaters are not properly maintained, which may result in even greater inefficiency with regard to energy expenditure. Even if you do not invest in a solar hot water heater, it is wise to at least invest in regular maintenance or repairs from a professional.

Solar Hot Water Heating Is an Energy-Efficient Option

There are many homeowners who may benefit from replacing their current Phoenix hot water heater with a solar hot water heater, as the resulting energy savings may be quite significant. There is also the added benefit of contributing to environmentally sound energy practices that take advantage of a powerful energy source that Phoenix residents have in abundance: sunshine. Call (602) 870-6840 today to speak with an expert at Donley Service Center about installing a Phoenix hot water heater in your home.