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Home Energy Audit with Donley

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Whether you want to reduce the amount of your monthly power bill, make your home more comfortable or are interested in minimizing your carbon footprint on the Earth, a home energy audit is a good first step. An energy audit can help you assess how much energy is being used, identify the major sources of energy loss, and provide recommendations to help you improve the overall efficiency of your home.

Preparing for A Home Energy Audit

Before a professional energy auditor visits your home, you should have a list of concerns or existing problems to discuss, such as drafty areas, moisture buildup and inefficient systems. It is also important to have copies of your home's most recent utility bills for the auditor to examine. During the inspection, the auditor will evaluate the outside of your home, including the windows and outlets. He or she may ask you questions to get a better understanding of your behavior, including:

  • How long you are home during the day
  • How many people live in the home
  • What your average thermostat setting is

Hiring A Professional Auditor

While there are several steps an individual can take to create a more energy efficient home, a professional home energy audit is vital identifying which steps will provide maximum energy savings.

Not only will an auditor analyze past utility bills and identify energy usage trends, but he or she will also have technical equipment that can detect sources of energy depletion.

A home energy audit will alert you to various upgrades or improvements that can be made in order to increase energy efficiency, making your home a more comfortable place to live and saving you money on your monthly energy bills.

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Donley Service Center is a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® certified contractor. We provide Home Performance Checkups that can identify if your home is wasting energy, or find solutions to comfort problems.

Both APS and SRP list Donley as a participating qualified contractor for Home Performance testing. Following extensive training in Home Energy Audits, we have been certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI).

FOR ONLY $99.00 (a $400.00 value), Donley Service Center will provide a comprehensive testing and assessment of how your home uses energy. Our audit focuses on the A/C system, ductwork, and attic insulation. During the testing we will ask you about possible comfort problems, and as necessary, suggest solutions.

As we perform the Home Performance testing, which takes 2-3 hours, our technicians will have a good idea of what upgrades or improvements, if any, they will recommend. At that time, Donley will give you cost estimates for those improvements and what APS or SRP rebates that you would be eligible for.

Approximately a week following the test, you will receive an assessment report from your utility; we also receive the same report and will review the information with you.

We provide honest, reliable suggestions and options; you make the decision that's best for you.