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If you're considering an air conditioning installation before summer hits, Donley Service Center can help. When we perform an AC installation we pay close attention to detail, and will help you to select an AC unit that is affordable and right for your home or business. We also count AC maintenance and air conditioning repair among our HVAC services. We are an authorized dealer of all the leading brands of heating and cooling systems, and have been serving residential and commercial customers in Arizona since 1976. Our Comfort System Replacement Program is a 6-step system that makes certain that your new unit is installed properly and is performing up to our high standards. Summer is just around the corner, and the time to install a new system is now. Set up your consultation today, and let's begin the process of finding a system for you that is as affordable as it is reliable.

We take great pride in the HVAC services we perform, and want your AC installation to go smoothly and be performed in a timely, responsible fashion.

Here is the process we employ to ensure your satisfaction:

  1. We begin with a free on-site consultation in which a load calculation is performed to make certain the right size unit is recommended for your home.

  2. Next, our installation crew chief will conduct a Pre-Installation Survey in order to learn the particulars of your home site.

  3. Your new unit will be installed by our experienced technicians.

  4. We will then conduct a Post-Installation Quality Inspection to make certain that the installation was performed in the fashion we promised.

  5. A Customer Service Follow-Up is then performed to measure your satisfaction with the job we did.

  6. Finally, we will conduct a Comfort Consultant Follow-Up to make certain your new unit is performing as promised.

As you can see, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to air conditioning installations. From installation to AC maintenance and repair, the name to know in the greater Phoenix area is Donley Service Center.

There are few things more important during the summer months in Arizona than a well-oiled AC unit at the top of its game. Donley Service Center is here to make that scenario a reality for its Arizona friends and neighbors.