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If your air conditioner suddenly stops providing the cooled air that makes Phoenix temperatures bearable, you know that it is time to have your unit repaired or replaced. However, there are a few other signs to warn you to schedule an air conditioner service before your system breaks down. If you notice any of the signs below, call Donley Service Center, offering professional AC repair in Phoenix at affordable prices to help Valley residents bear the summer heat.

If You Notice Any Of The Signs Below, Call Donley Service Center

Unfamiliar or Excessive Noise

When your air conditioner was first installed, it probably ran quietly enough that it didn't disturb you. Over time, the fan may blow louder than usual or the parts may become disconnected. A worn motor can cause quite a racket, so if you hear more noise than usual coming from your AC unit, it is time for you to call in a professional.

Inefficient Cooling

As soon as you notice that your conditioner isn't cooling as quickly as it did at first, you should schedule an air conditioning repair. This is a clear sign that something is wrong with your unit. The repair might be as simple as refilling the coolant. However, the sooner you have the unit serviced, the better able technicians will be to resolve the problem quickly and affordably.

Decreased Air Flow

Most often, the filter lies at the heart of air flow problems. By routinely changing the air filter, you can avoid most decreased air flow issues. If you have changed the filter and are still experiencing reduced air flow, then it is time to call for AC repair in Phoenix.


Pay attention to these warning signs so that you can avoid suffering from a broken air conditioner when the temperatures get really hot. If you notice a problem, contact a reputable AC service provider right away to perform your repairs. Since 1976, Donley Service Center has been serving Valley residents with quality air conditioner repairs and installations. Call (602) 870-6840 today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment for professional AC repair in Phoenix.