APR 03, 2014

It can be extremely frustrating to walk into your home on a hot day to find that your air conditioner has quit working. A stuffy, muggy house is uncomfortable and can lead to sleepless nights. Not every malfunctioning system results in hot, humid conditions inside the home, however. There are a few other signs that you may be in need of AC repair on Phoenix.

  • Low Flow

    When you turn on your unit and find that air is not pumping through the vents quite as strongly as it normally would, it may just be an indication that your filters need to be changed. You should swap out old filters for new ones roughly every 30 days. If you have recently changed the filters and still have a weak airflow, it may be time to call a Phoenix air conditioning service for help. The blower in your unit may be in need of repair or replacement.

  • Loud Noises

    Every air conditioner makes a little noise when it starts running. You may hear a familiar click and then the gentle hum of the outdoor unit as cold air starts pumping through your home. Loud bangs, clangs and clattering, however, are not normal and require professional attention. It could simply be a loose screw or disconnected parts, but if left unchecked, these small issues can cause big problems.

  • Uneven Temperatures

    If your home seems to have varied temperatures from room to room or just isn’t cooling as it should, you are definitely in need of AC repair in Phoenix. Refilling the coolant, cleaning the machine or performing other quick fixes can usually take care of the problem. Instead of trying to troubleshoot on your own, save yourself some time and call a specialist.

It is always a good idea to perform regular air conditioner maintenance. That includes changing filters and removing debris from around the outdoor unit. A professional can perform an inspection of your AC unit to determine if it is running at maximum capacity and make suggestions on how you can increase your efficiency and thus lower your utility bills. If you notice your machine is not working or is making loud noises, you should contact your local HVAC company for help. Call (602) 870-6840 today to schedule an appointment for AC repair in Phoenix from the professionals at Donley Service Center.