MAR 25, 2014

You have a few different water heating options when it comes to providing hot water to your home. Some of these options use fossil fuels, such as natural gas or coal. Others use electricity. These forms of water heating can deplete natural resources and also leave a carbon footprint behind through greenhouse gases. One way that you can actually reduce your carbon footprint is by investing in a solar water system.

Help the Environment

Solar water heating works by installing a solar panel on your home, which can help to heat up your water at any time of the year. Since the energy to heat your home’s water is drawn directly from the sun, there is no need to use up any natural resources. At the same time, since you are not burning anything, you are not adding any extra greenhouse gases to the air, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Not only are you helping the environment when you reduce your carbon footprint, but you are also helping yourself. Phoenix is a valley, and burned fossil fuels are trapped in it, contributing to bad air quality. A solar panel will not add to the problem, helping you to reduce the impact you have on the air quality where you live.

Save Money

You’re not only helping out the environment when you invest in a solar water heater, however. You’re really helping yourself out financially as well. Some people get a little bit nervous about investing in a solar panel, but depending on how much hot water you use, you could end up saving as much as $500 each year on your energy bills. You may also qualify for rebates, a federal tax credit, and an additional tax credit in the state of Arizona.

After the initial investment, it quickly becomes clear why solar water can be such a good idea. You can save money over time and in tax credits, but you also reduce your carbon footprint now that you are not using fossil fuels to heat up your water. Consider switching to solar heating to help reduce your environmental impact and improve air quality in the area where you live. Call (602) 870-6840 today for more information about the benefits of solar water heating or to learn about the selection of solar water heaters available at Donley Service Center.