MAY 14, 2014

The typical lifespan of a home water heater is 10 to 15 years. This means that your heater will almost certainly fail at some point. When a heater fails, it is natural to want it replaced as quickly as possible. Life can be very difficult without hot showers and baths, warm water for dishes, and other conveniences. Although it is tempting to replace your own unit, it is generally a job best left to professionals. Some of the reasons to hire an expert for water heater replacement include safety, complexity, and future maintenance.

  1. Safety

    Hot water heaters don’t just produce hot water. They also produce hazardous exhaust fumes. To avoid the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, it is important to have your water heater installation done by an expert. When you hire a licensed plumber who has experience with installing heaters, you can guarantee that your family will be safe after the unit is in place.

  2. Complexity

    A water heater is much more than a tank. It has many complex components, including 240 volt electric wiring and elaborate plumbing. Unless you’re an expert electrician, a skilled plumber, and well versed in local building codes, this is a project you will want to avoid doing yourself.

  3. Future Maintenance

    When you hire a professional for water heater replacement, you’re building a relationship of trust that can continue for the whole life of the heater. Some plumbers will offer discounts on maintenance for units that they installed themselves. Once a plumber is familiar with a unit, they can maintain and service it with attention to detail. The process of installation itself often leads to the discovery and fixing of important plumbing problems in your home.

Call an Expert for the Best Job

Putting in a new water heater can be a difficult job, but there are experts available to help you. By calling a qualified professional for water heater replacement, you can enjoy a safer and more efficient home. Call (602) 787-3956 today to learn more about the water heater replacement services offered by the professionals at Donley Service Center.