FEB 12, 2015

Every industry has innovations, and plumbing is no exception. Recent trends in the industry have been toward introducing latest high-tech designs. They range from basic to extraordinary. Here is a list of must-have current and future plumbing trends for 2015 and beyond:

  1. Green Trends: Probably the biggest trend in construction industry has been green building. Green building means planning, design, construction and maintenance practices that try to minimize building’s impact on the environment. Dealing with fixtures and their faucets or with flushing mechanisms is the primary aspect of Green initiatives. Water-saving fixtures can have some of the greatest impacts on being environmentally friendly.
  2. Touch-less Faucets: The Energy Policy Act 2005 mandates that faucets can use no more than 2.2 gallons per minute, and touch-less faucets use substantially less. With the introduction of electronics into the designs, together with water-saving features, the latest touch-less faucets help keep your hardware clean and your hands cleaner by eliminating contact with the faucet. Frequently used in hotels and restaurants, they are good for children’s washrooms. They will soon be coming to your nearby kitchen as well.
  3. Quiet-Close Toilet Seats: Replace your poorly functioning or inefficient toilet with a high-efficiency, high-quality, quiet-close toilet seats. This is an essential recent invention for many homeowners. It comes with a soft touch, and the seat closes slowly. There is only one negative aspect: You could find yourself accidentally slamming down an old toilet seat when staying in a hotel. So be careful.
  4. Watertile Body Sprays: These 54-nozzle body sprays are different from the long-used sprays in that they lie practically flush to the wall. Kohler is the manufacturer of these Watertile body sprays. This invention comes with a more modern look that is more appealing than standard and conventional sprays. And, most importantly, they don’t break in your space while you’re showering.
  5. Air Bath Roman Tubs: Your bath faucets and tub fillers are hardworking fixtures. They must look great, work efficiently and stand up to daily exploitation. Pay attention to both construction and style when choosing a faucet for your bath. Gone were the days when people frequently used convention jetted tubs. Now they’re losing fame. This elaborate bathtub is a larger version of a sink faucet. This new invention has now eliminated potentially unhygienic conditions, as it flushes out the water and injects air into the water.
  6. Custom Shower Packages: Custom-made shower packages vary in sizes. Some are large and have multiple shower fixtures. Some have seats. These packages include hand showers, body sprays and shower heads. Traditional custom-made showers were built in three layers to make sure the drainage of water was proper. Traditional custom-made showers were mainly designed by pulling various desired elements together. Nowadays many companies are offering mostly trendy showering components in handy pre-configured packages.

Don’t waste the investment made on plumbing by not following these current and future plumbing trends.