AUG 28, 2011

The desert sun can seem like an enemy sometimes. In the simmering central Arizona summer, Phoenix air conditioning systems battle for our comfort against long stretches of 100-degree-plus weather. As any Valley resident can attest, that battle can come with an uncomfortable price tag – the monthly electric bill. But what if you could put the sun to work for you, and make use of the free energy it provides to lower your energy bill year-round? By installing a solar water heating system, you can do just that.

What may surprise you most about a solar water heater is its initial affordability. Not only does Donley Service Center offer special financing for buyers of solar water heating systems, but several solar energy tax credits and utility rebates are available as well.  In fact, the cost of a solar heater can be about the same as that of a replacement conventional water heater, once you factor them all in:

  • Federal tax credit of 30% of the solar heater’s net purchase price, including installation
  • Arizona tax credit of 25% of the net purchase price, including installation, up to a $1,000 maximum
  • Rebate for SRP and APS customers of $0.50 per kilowatt hour

On that last point, the SunEarth solar water heating system we install has an OG-300 rating of 2,887 kilowatts per year, which works out to a utility company rebate of $1,443. Add don’t forget that, in addition to all these up-front savings, your SunEarth system from Donley will continue to provide an ongoing yearly reduction in your electricity costs of anywhere from $290 to $500. The high performance SunEarth system will make free hot water for you not only during the blazing days of summer, but throughout all of Arizona’s sunny seasons. Now that’s putting the sun to work for you!

For more information about the benefits of solar water heating systems and how they work, and to find out more about our special financing offer, call Donley Service Center today at 602-870-6840.