MAR 22, 2018

If you live long enough in your home, chances are your water heater will probably need to be replaced at some point. They do, after all, only have a typical lifespan of around 10 years. While we can definitely help extend the life of your existing water heater or install a new water heater, you may wonder what there is to do with a water heater that has reached the end of its days. And while there are specific steps you should take to properly dispose of a water heater, many DIYers have given their old water heaters second life by transforming them into something new. There are many different options to repurpose an old water heater, especially if you do not mind getting a little down and dirty with DIY projects. Take a look below at some of the ways you can repurpose your water heater.


Whether your old water heater is on its last legs or you have decided to upgrade to a different type of water heater, there are numerous ways you can make use of the old unit. Check out some of these ideas to copy or inspire your next creation!


Using an old water heater for a fire pit is a great idea. But it does take some work, depending on how complicated you want to make it. You can simply cut it down to the height you prefer, drill some holes in the bottom for airflow and, you are good to go. If you want to get a little fancier with it — and depending on your skills — you can cut angles and shapes to form legs or a stand, instead of just a basic cylinder. Whichever option you choose, using an old water heater for a fire pit is a good way to repurpose it.


This may seem a little strange, but a lot of people do it. Most smokers are simply cylinders. Water heaters obviously already have that requirement nailed down. However, this one takes some good old fashioned prep work and time, but the end result is usually worth the hassle.

First, make sure you take the time to get rid of all the insulation. A putty knife works pretty well to start with. After that, sand down the water heater to remove any other debris. Then, design! You can choose to build an upright smoker or a horizontal smoker. Upright smokers tend to be a little easier, with less fabrication work needed. If you choose to build a horizontal smoker, keep in mind that you will need to build legs, attach and reinforce those legs, and build a chimney. Lastly, with either design there will need to be welding and hinging for doors, legs, etc.


As is the case with the first two projects mentioned above, this is definitely an outdoor project. Much like a fire pit, repurposing an old water heater for an outdoor wood stove is a great way to heat an area. Unlike the fire pit, the wood stove will direct heat to more specific areas. This is also a project you can make very fancy or very simple. The process is sort of a combination of constructing a vertical smoke exhaust and a fire pit with legs. First, you will need to decide on the size of the stove. Then, get some angle iron or steel legs for a stand. Next, decide on the size of the opening. Finally, add an air intake and a chimney. Now you are ready to heat up that outdoor space.

GARDEN PLANTER!fancybox/80532367/Water-Heater-Recycling-Ideas-12.jpg

These days, people turn just about anything into a garden planter. Old water heaters are no exception. Depending on what look you are going for, you have options. You can cut the water heater in half vertically, leaving you two long, half cylinders with plenty of room for flowers, tomato plants and so on. Or, you can use the bottom and top for smaller, upright plants, similar to the traditional clay pots. Another option is to weld on legs, giving you more of a raised planter look.


These DIY ideas seem to ambitious for you? Are you prone to Pinterest fails? Do not worry! When you call us to schedule your new water heater installation, we will take care of preparation and disposal for you. And if the existing water is still in good working order because you are upgrading to a larger or different kind of water heater, ask us how we can help arrange for the old one to be donated to a local charity.

Whether you are opting for the DIY route or just want to wash your hands of the old water heater, contact us today to schedule your new water heater installation. And leave the rest to us!