AUG 20, 2013

How much do you know about solar water heaters? If the answer is not much, it may be time for you to learn about the advantages solar water systems provide. Hot water heaters can be expensive, to the tune of $300-400 per year for a four-person household with gas, oil or electric heat. Donley Service Center, an award-wining plumbing, cooling and heating company based in Phoenix, Arizona, is proud to offer solar water heating systems to clients interested in helping the environment and, perhaps most importantly, saving a great deal of money.

Donley Service Center offers a closed-loop system that provides consumers with the latest in solar water heater, solar panel and solar hot water technology from SunEarth Inc., a leader in today’s industry. A properly sized and professionally installed solar hot water system such as this can save a four-person household between $240-360 per year! And there are additional monetary benefits to going solar:

Utility Rebates – Donley’s SunEarth system has an OG-300 rating of 2887 kilowatts per hours. SRP and APS customers receive a rebate of $.50 per kilowatt hour, which works out to approximately $1,443.00.

Federal Tax Credit – The residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit provides a credit of 30% of the net purchase price, including installation.

ArizonaTax Credit – The Residential Solar Systems Tax Credit provides a credit of 25% up to a maximum of $1,000 of the net purchase, including installation.

Special Financing – ask also about the special financing options on solar hot water heating systems Donley Service Center offers its clientele.

Add all of these rebates and credits to the aforementioned savings you’ll experience and you can clearly see that it pays to go solar!

Saving energy has been Donley Service Center’s business since 1976. The fact that the company is leading the way in introducing Valley residents to the practical benefits of solar hot water heaters is just another example of why Donley is a two-time winner of the better Business Bureau Ethics Award. All of Donley’s technicians have been drug tested and are background checked, and the continuous training they receive makes them the most well-prepared and knowledgeable service technicians in the greater Phoenix area.

Donley Service Center is eager to show you how affordable a solar hot water heating system can be. Call today at (602) 870-6840 to consult with an experienced professional from the Donley staff, and make this exciting new technology part of your home or business.