MAY 30, 2014

The sun can be a valuable source of energy for your home. By installing solar heating panels for your solar water system, you can save money and invest in a greener future. This guide will help you learn more about the panels that make solar water heaters work.

Know the Different Types of Solar Heating Systems

Not all solar heating systems work the same way. Active systems have controls and pumps that circulate heated water into the house. Passive systems allow solar-heated water to rise naturally into the tank, cutting down on installation and upkeep. A passive system will require a larger area of solar panels to heat the same amount of water, but it is often more efficient than an active system, and it generally calls for less expensive maintenance once the panels are installed.

Getting Ready to Install Your Panels

Before selecting and installing solar panels, it is important to ask some basic questions:

  • Are there any local codes or regulations that might affect the installation of the panels?
  • How much sun does your site receive on a year-round basis?
  • How many square feet of panels will you require for your family’s energy needs?

Steps in the Installation Process

Mounting solar heating panels can be tricky. It is important to choose the best area of your roof for sun exposure and tilt the panels correctly according to the latitude of your home. A solar heating expert can come to your house and evaluate the situation to help you get the most out of your panels. The actual process of installation involves drilling holes in your rafters, securing mounts with metal bolts, and fastening the individual panels to the mounts. Once the panels are in place, they can be connected to an active or passive water heating system.

Looking Toward the Future With Solar Energy

As home energy costs continue to rise, many families are choosing solar water systems to help cut down on bills. By paying careful attention to panel selection, design, and installation, you can get the most out of your solar water heater. Call (602) 870-6840 today for product details and pricing on the solar water heaters available at Donley Service Center to learn more about professional installation of solar heating panels for your system.