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Bottled-Quality Right from the Tap

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You don’t need to keep wasting money on bottled water. A reverse osmosis system installed by Donley Service Center provides the same quality water as bottled options with less waste and cost.

If you buy bottled water by the gallon, odds are you are spending around one dollar for every gallon. That cost only gets higher if you are purchasing the smaller, 16 or 20-ounce bottles.

A Quality Reverse Osmosis System Means You’re Paying Two-Cents a Gallon on Average!

What makes reverse osmosis a good choice? In terms of taste and clarity, you’ll notice the difference as soon as you pour the first glass.

We can install a full reverse osmosis system in your home and install the tap at your kitchen sink. You’ll be using the same process that most bottled water companies and water stores use at a price you can afford.

Reverse osmosis can greatly reduce or eliminate issues specific to the water supply in Phoenix and some of the surrounding cities. These issues include:

Water Hardness: Phoenix is well known for having extremely hard water. This means the mineral content is high with calcium and magnesium. While this doesn’t pose a health threat, many people find their skin is sensitive to hard water, while others simply don’t like the taste out of the tap. Reverse osmosis softens water, which means the mineral content is virtually nonexistent.

Presence of Chlorine: Phoenix, like many cities, uses chlorine to kill off potentially-harmful bacteria before it can get into the drinking supply. While careful analysis is done to ensure the process is safe, many say they can still smell and taste chlorine in the water. Reverse osmosis pulls so much chlorine from the water that the taste is always pure, delicious and refreshing, just like natural spring water.

Taste and Smell: The presence of treatment chemicals, metals and organic deposits all contribute to one thing when it comes to city water: a nasty taste and odor. That’s why the vast majority of residents here in the Valley choose to drink only bottled water.

Eliminate the bad taste and odor from your water when you choose Donley Service Center to install your reverse osmosis system. Our certified plumbers will make sure your water meets the highest standards of purity. We are a fully licensed and bonded company with decades of experience serving the Phoenix area. Call 602-870-6840 today to learn more about how we can help you.

Ditch Bottled Water for Good with Reverse Osmosis

If you are tired of luging around heavy bottles of water from the grocery store or changing out that big, five-gallon water cooler jug, a reverse osmosis system could be the right solution for you.

Did you know that the two top selling brands of bottled water in the United States (Aquafina and Desani) both originate from municipal tap water? Bottled water has become a $9 billion dollar industry in large part by purifying municipal water, putting some mountains on the label and selling it back to you.

Now you can have water that is every bit as clean, pure and healthy right out of your tap. It’s more convenient and far less expensive over time. Choose Donley to install your reverse osmosis purification system and you’ll wonder how you went all these years without one.

Why Choose Donley Service Center?

When you choose Donley Service Center, you’re getting a fully licensed and bonded company. We always guarantee the quality of our work and have the experience and reputation to back it up.

We only provide honest, up-front pricing so you know the price you are quoted is the price you’ll end up paying.

If you want to learn more about how a reverse osmosis water purifier will work for you, get in touch with the experts at Donley Service Center. Call 602-870-6840 today to set up your consultation.