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Water Softeners

How Water Softeners Make a Difference

Water softeners eliminate most hard water issues. In fact, you can immediately feel the difference that they make. With conditioned water, your complexion glows and your hair is soft and shiny. You will also notice that you do not waste as much money on detergents, cleaning products, conditioners, creams and unnecessary personal grooming products. Additionally, your plumbing fixtures and appliances are protected against costly repairs or premature replacement.

How It Works

Water softeners operate on the system of ion exchange. The softener contains resin beads charged with sodium ions.

  • A water softener removes calcium and magnesium and replaces them with sodium.
  • As hard water passes through the beads, the hardness crystals switch places with the sodium ions.
  • The soft water then passes through the system into your home.

Ultimately the resin becomes saturated with hardness minerals and cannot hold anymore. Rinsing it with a salt solution allows the sodium to attach to the resin beads. The hardness ions release from the beads and wash down the drain. This process, known as regeneration, is automatic. You must, however, add sodium chloride occasionally added to the water softener tank. The amount of hardness minerals determines how much sodium to add. As a general rule, harder water requires more sodium to soften it.

Is It Safe?

Contrary to widespread opinions, a water softener does not add salt to the household water supply. It just exchanges sodium ions for the hardness ions by adding sodium bicarbonate to the water supply. During regeneration, the softener is separated from the household water supply by an automatic bypass, assuring that salt does not enter the house.

While some still contend that a water softener adds sodium to your water supply, the actual amount is so minimal that it should not cause elevated concern. Call (602) 870-6840 today to speak with an expert at Donley Service Center about the usefulness of a water softener.