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Water Filter And Water Softener

Water Filter and Water Softener

Exclusive Line Of Water Filter And Water Softener Enhancement Products

Donley Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Our reverse osmosis water treatment system will provide you with better tasting, healthier, pure drinking water by removing undesirable elements such as:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide -  which causes the “rotten egg” smell
  • Impurities - which causes cloudiness
  • Chlorine – many municipalities add chlorine to disinfect water
  • Algae, molds and bacteria – which multiply in a home’s plumbing system and cause a musty, earthly, or fishy taste or smell
  • Iron and Manganese – causes a metallic taste or smell

You eliminate the daily cost of bottled water. Your coffee, tea, juice and domestic water will be more flavorful. The food you prepare with our water filter products – like soups, sauces, fresh fruits and vegetables – will taste better.

If you choose to connect the pure water system to your refrigerators ice-maker, you will enjoy crystal clear ice cubes. 

Donley Water Softener System

Your hair and skin will feel cleaner and softer with conditioned water.

Appliances will last up to 30% longer and work better without the scale buildup of hard water.

Your home will be cleaner – no mineral deposits.

Dishes will be without spotting or gray film.

Clothes will be softer, whiter, and brighter and last up to 30% longer.

Better drinking water - Water will taste better without the contamination of calcium and magnesium.

You’ll save money by using up to 70% less soap.