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Solar Water Heater Systems

Solar Water Heater Systems

Let Us Show You How Affordable a Solar Water Heater, Solar Panel or Solar Hot Water System Can Be

Our Solar Water Heater System is a closed-loop system that provides you with the latest in solar water heater, solar panel, solar hot water technology from SunEarth Inc., a leader in today’s industry. This high performance system is designed to provide solar hot water year round!

With the Federal Tax credit for solar hot water, an Arizona state tax credit, and either an SRP or APS rebate, your net cost will be about the same as for a replacement water heater, except that you will be saving anywhere from $290 to $500 per year in electricity costs with just the use of a solar panel.

Whether you are interested in saving money or helping the environment Donley Service Center has a solution. Ask us how you can go green with your existing gas or electric water heater.

  1. Utility Rebates

    Our SunEarth system has an OG-300 rating of 2887 kilowatts hours per year.

    SRP and APS customers receive a rebate of $.50 per kilowatt hour or $1,443.

  2. Federal Tax Credit

    The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit provides a credit of 30% of the net purchase price, including installation.

  3. Arizona Tax Credit

    The Residential Solar Systems Tax Credit provides a credit of 25% up to a maximum of $1,000 of the net purchase, including installation.