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Saltless Water Softeners

How Saltless Water Softeners Work

Although many people do not realize it, the water in their pipes holds a scaly secret. Hard water, or water that contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, creates those annoying and hard-to-remove mineral stains on shower walls and toilet bowls. A water softening system removes these minerals, leaving pipes, bathroom fixtures, and skin clean and scale-free. Saltless water softeners use reverse osmosis to desalinate your home water, leaving it feeling silky-smooth and perfectly drinkable.

Reverse Osmosis

Although often cheaper, salt water softeners make the water in your home unfit to drink because the system replaces scaling minerals with sodium. A reverse osmosis system works by cleaning the water in a technique that is centuries old. The process of purifying water through reverse osmosis is:

  1. Water enters into the system.
  2. Untreated water meets special membranes (not filters).
  3. Pressure is applied and the water is forced through the membranes, only allowing. molecules of a certain shape to pass through.
  4. Pure, clean water exits the system, free of lime-scale causing minerals.

The Authentic Salt-Free Water Softening Solution

It is important not to confuse a polarizing saltless water softener with the reverse osmosis variety. An ionic softener claims to change the polarity of minerals in water, instead of removing them. These claims are not scientifically sustainable, and for true soft water, it is best to go with the desalinizing process found only in reverse osmosis. A salt-based softener is effective, but it also renders your own water unsafe to drink.

Professional Installation

Although the softening system itself is really simple once you understand the concept, installing the unit in your home is often best left to the professionals. A plumber is the best person to turn to when discussing your best water softening options, unit maintenance, membrane replacement, and installation. Start enjoying lyme-free water today and have access to clear, clean drinking water, all with one device and a helping of science. Call (602) 870-6840 today to speak with an expert at Donley Service Center about the usefulness of a saltless water softener.