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Heater Repair Service

Heaters are unfortunately not built to last a lifetime, and if you own a home you can almost guarantee that you will have problems with your heater at some point. Your heater is responsible for keeping your family safe and warm during the cold winter months, so it is important to make sure you hire a heater repair service company to fix any problems with your heater before it stops working completely. Here are a few common heater problems that you can depend on a heater repair company to promptly fix.

Clogged Filters

Your heater relies heavily on an air filter to function properly. This filter is responsible for trapping contaminants that would otherwise be circulated through your air by your heating system. When too many contaminants become trapped in the filter, however, it can restrict the air flow through your furnace system. As a result, your heater may not work as efficiently and could eventually break down. To keep this from happening, try to have your air filters cleaned or changed at least once per year.

Ignition Problems

Sometimes furnaces stop igniting for one reason or another. As a result, your furnace may begin to push cold air through your home instead of warm air. When this happens, it is important to call a heater service company to fix the problem so that you can continue to be comfortable in your home.

Mechanical Malfunction

As heaters get older, they can start to malfunction or function less efficiently than before. When one or more of the components in your furnace stops working efficiently, the temperature in your home may be uncomfortably cold and inconsistent. A heater repair company can analyze your heater and repair or replace the affected parts so that the heater will work properly once again.

If your heater is currently not working as efficiently as it should, call a heater repair service to rectify the problem so that your heater can effectively keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Call (602) 870-6840 today to speak with an expert at Donley Service Center about heater repair service.